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tightfisted (with money)

 and closefisted (with money)
Fig. very stingy with money. The manager is very closefisted with expenditures. My parents are very tightfisted with money.
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While Lansing is widely respected within the industry, Paramount has been tightfisted with movie budgets in recent years and has lacked the blockbusters its rivals have enjoyed such as the ``Spider-Man,'' ``Harry Potter'' and ``Lord of the Rings'' franchises.
What does it take to get the message through to such a bunch of selfish, tightfisted, idiots.
It provides physician contract-management services to hospital emergency rooms, primarily in the Southeast, and it assumes all administrative costs associated with these physicians - a decided advantage in a tightfisted environment.
He was always tightfisted, but since he won he's meaner than ever.
WASHINGTON - Shoppers faced with heavy snow, job cuts and war worries were tightfisted in February, driving down sales at retailers by the largest amount in 15 months.
Derek Fisher, 68, said: "It's not that we are tightfisted.
Still, economists were hopeful that consumers, whose spending accounts for two-thirds of the nation's economic activity, would be less tightfisted in coming months and continue to keep the economy afloat.
It is the familiar story of the tightfisted, graying bachelor in 19th-century England who learns the value of charity and family one haunted Christmas Eve.
Entrapment'' star Sean Connery doubled as a tightfisted producer to bring the action movie in under budget.