tighten belt

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tighten (one's) belt

To reduce, restrict, or limit one's budget; to live more modestly or make financial sacrifices. A: "I don't know what we'll do now that you lost your job." B: "Don't worry, we just need to tighten our belts for a while. Living on my own during college taught me how to tighten my belt and get by on not very much.
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tighten one's belt

Fig. to manage to spend less money; to use less of something. (See also take one's belt in (a notch).) Things are beginning to cost more and more. It looks like we'll all have to tighten our belts. Times are hard, and prices are high. I can tighten my belt for only so long.
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tighten (one's) belt

To begin to exercise thrift and frugality.
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tighten one's belt, to

To be more frugal; to undergo adversity with patience. The analogy here is to tightening one’s belt after losing weight from going hungry. The London Observer of 1927 described “A traveling troupe who quoted Corneille while tightening their belts.”
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Schumm's analysis of the successful effort to hold down costs for operating commercial buildings underlines the industry's resolve to tighten belts until better times arrive.
The advice to tighten belts some more was hardly an enticing diet prescription for the starving.
The approach adopted in the US has been to stimulate the economy rather than to tighten belts as the Chancellor has done and Prof Minford was critical of that approach.
Awareness is imperative among international players and local communities to tighten belts for devastating effects of global warming in special perspective to Pakistan, he added.
This is still a year to tighten belts and to not take on any new contracts unless necessary.
Capital Economics economist Vicky Redwood said:"We expect consumers to tighten belts considerably further in coming months."
Among these is the anticipatory Pre-Safe system which constantly monitors chassis dynamics and in milliseconds anticipates a crash, tighten belts, closes windows and moves the passenger seat into the optimum position for airbags to work.
READ:Filipinos tighten belts as inflation jumps to new 9-year high in August Inflation has been hitting the poor amid risingprices of rice, a Filipino main staple.
Drivers have got to the point where they can't cut back any more on petrol consumption so they are going to have to tighten belts elsewhere."
Sir Michael said the moves were necessary to help tighten belts at the Beeb and restore trust in how taxpayers' cash was spent.
Fashion chain Next has warned of increasing sales pressure for the year ahead as struggling shoppers tighten belts.
Pubs groups are struggling with the impact of the smoking ban - causing a "winter of discontent" according to chairman Tim Martin - rising costs, and a tougher trading picture as consumers tighten belts.
The veteran assistant manager has left the club, with chairman Rupert Lowe opting not to give him a new contract citing the need to "tighten belts" following relegation.