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tie (with someone) (for something)

to have the same score as someone for the prize in some contest. I tied with Joel for first place. I tied for the trophy with Joel.
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Several antitrust suits have been brought against cemeteries and their trade associations for alleged tying conspiracies in which cemetery owners have tied plots to other goods or services.
45) Accordingly, merchants who wanted to accept payment through credit cards--the tying product--were forced to accept payment through the lower-profit debit cards--the tied product--as well.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Tied 19th The International (August).
CHRIS DI MARCO: Tied 2nd USPGA Championship (August).
To tell you the truth, if we're fortunate enough to be tied for first and it comes down to one game, so be it.
Pepperdine's Crystal Fanning and USC's Becky Lucidi, Anna Rawson and Yon Yim are tied for 84th place at 6-over 78.
Arenas of Pepperdine is tied for 120th place after shooting a 10-over 82.
Either Saugus or Canyon, sensing the urgency after the teams tied in their first meeting, will get that critical goal late in Tuesday's rematch and win rather than settling for another draw.
Francis and Crespi have combined for 10 ties this season but haven't tied each other in two meetings.
The golden stonefly nymph fly, left, tied by Bill Logan is considered art.
3 -- color) Isonychia nymph fly, tied by Bill Logan, can be commissioned by a buyer for $4,000.
Open qualifier last year, wound up 30th in the Smith Classic, while Wi, the 1990 State Amateur champion, tied for 53rd.
In 1999, Cadillac, Volvo and Jaguar were tied for the top spot.
Jacksonville's Eric Gillespie (CSUN) was tied for fourth in the Double-A Southern League batting race (.
This year: Tied for second at SONY Open, eighth at Mercedes Championship and ranked No.