tie to

tie (one) to (something)

To connect or associate one with some situation, event, or circumstance. The investigators have uncovered paperwork that ties the suspect to the money laundering scheme.
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tie someone or something to something

to bind someone or something to something. The robber tied the clerk to a chair. I tied colored yarn to the birthday present.
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tie someone to something

Fig. to associate someone with something; to make a connection between someone and something. The police are trying to tie Lefty to the burglary. They'll never tie me to that bunch of crooks!
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However, when you are told you have to wear a tie to an event, what kind of tie comes to your mind?
A third prefer jeans and only 12 per cent regularly wear a tie to work.
For a dapper look, try pattern on pattern with a striped or diamond patterned tie to offset your shirt.
Only one in 10 workers wears a suit every day, with a third opting for jeans, and just 12% regularly wear a tie to work.
"I created Hex Tie to appeal to my artist soul while also using my passion and drive as an entrepreneur.
"The decision is unfair and it feels like the referee has gifted the tie to New Zealand.
Gift a knit tie to make a bold and original statement while staying ahead in the fashion game.
Headteacher Dr Julia Roberts said: "I am very keen to introduce a new tie to begin to ensure consistency of uniform across all year groups.
By some estimates, going on 5 million dads throughout the United States will open a gift today and find yet another tie to add to their burgeoning Father's Day collections.
This allows the wearer to simply lift the tie to their mouth, inflate it and lay their head and "pillow" on a desk.
A metallic pigment is added to the high grade nylon material during production to enable the cable tie to be easily located by metal detection equipment.
He's stopped by the doorman who tells him he's got to wear a tie to get in.
'If you only add one tie to your wardrobe this year go for a patterned black tie in a shot fabric.
I was no longer his little princess but rather a confused kid who wanted to wear a tie to an alternative prom.
"While our focus has been to provide an innovative tie to the railroad industry, we are tremendously excited about the many environmental benefits our product offers.