tie onto

tie (someone or something) onto (someone or something)

To fasten or bind someone or something to someone or something else with rope, twine, string, etc. I tied a note onto the door so Tommy would be sure to see it. The captain tied the mutineers onto the sides of the ship as a punishment for their insurrection.
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tie something onto someone or something

 and tie something on
to attach something to someone or something by tying or binding. I tied his house key onto him so he wouldn't lose it. I tied on his gloves so he would not lose them.
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"We'll try these," my older son, Trevor, said, selecting large foam-bodied attractor flies to tie onto our leaders.
Just punch a hole at the top, label, and tie onto presents with ribbons or braids.
In accordance with Z-Man's patent, he changed his original design, which had a hexagonal blade attached directly to the jig eye, with a wire snap to tie onto. "I'm now on the third version of the lure," he says.
Leave at least 12 inches on each end to tie onto pushpins.
Create fiber ornaments for tree or to tie onto holiday packages.
Would John Boehner toss his Hermes tie onto a tree branch and head for a Benedictine hermitage to read Wang Wei or Thomas Merton?
If you absolutely have to tie onto a wreck use a rope, steel wire cuts through already corroding steel.
When other members of the party were busy catching fish we were still at the jetty as my boat partner hunted for a particular fly to tie onto the cast.
If you are in love or contentedly settled, this can be a really special start to the week, as Venus and Neptune link, helping you to rise about the petty stuff that we folk often get locked into, and transcend your tie onto another, very affectionate level.
Marchers will wear white armbands to remember those who suffered abuse which they will then tie onto the gates of Leinster House.
None of them, however, say how or where to tie onto the gun, leaving open the possibility of a firearm spinning around or getting its barrel clogged in the dirt.
"State Farm adds no new, free-standing factor to the constitutional analysis of punitive damages that the court might 'tie onto' its previous order," Holland responded in his latest order.
Cut your elastic string into four lengths and tie onto each side of the slingback of the sandal.
space, and since you can tie onto the top of the bar, the jack can be used to pull as well as lift.
"And you can tie onto that, obviously, whether residential accommodation shouldn't be made available in Cardiff for those members that need to stay overnight.