tie down

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tie someone or something down

to fasten someone or something down by tying or binding. The robbers tied Gary down so he couldn't get up and get away. They tied down Gary.
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tie someone down (to someone or something)

Fig. to encumber something with someone or something; to make someone responsible to or for someone or something. Please don't tie me down to your uncle. Let your sister help out. Yes, don't tie me down all week.
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tie down

Constrain, confine, or limit, as in As long as the children were small, she was too tied down to look for a job. [Late 1600s]
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tie down

1. To fix or hold someone or something in place with a cord, rope, or strap: We tied down the deck chairs so they wouldn't blow away. I tied the luggage down so that it wouldn't fall off the roof of the car.
2. To restrict someone or something in movement: Our new baby has really tied us down—we haven't eaten out for dinner in months. The rebels have tied down the government troops in the mountains, leaving the capital vulnerable to attack. I'd like to travel more, but unfortunately, I'm tied down with a job.
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AUSA Annual Meeting attendees can learn more about the tie downs by visiting Alcoa Defense at booth 4131.
Wenger will be keen to tie down the backbone of his team on long-term deals.
If for some reason you don't have the sight cases, pad the truck bed with something like a mattress and tie down the sights so they can't move.
Nissan also will tout Titan's unique innovations such as the High-Utility Bed, which offers the first-ever factory spray-in bedliner and an adjustable tie down system for any type of cargo.
Councilman Frank Quintero said the auction would be a wonderful opportunity to tie down 20 acres in the Verdugos next to the old Oakmont property the city already purchased.
We've had a lot of fun in that boat,'' Jean said, ``but we couldn't justify the cost of the tie down when we aren't able to use it much anymore.
Leveraging the ubiquitous nature of PhoenixBIOS(TM), FirstAuthority is a complete solution of cost-effective, easily integrated, and user-friendly products that provide two-factor authentication to more effectively tie down the "endpoints" of enterprise networks.
The Air National Guard area - which could have been used for space to tie down hundreds of light planes and lower tie-down fees - has been designated ``non-airport development.
As a result, workers had to tie down the fragile facade with ropes.
The architecture that provides superior support for applications in telecommunications, video games, printers, automotive, and industrial control can tie down a corner of those markets.