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tie (with someone) (for something)

to have the same score as someone for the prize in some contest. I tied with Joel for first place. I tied for the trophy with Joel.
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Statesman Ties uses the tagline "A Tie That Means Something," because the custom neckties are more than just a fashion statement.
Win and Detroit/Green Bay game does not end in a tie, OR
I think a tie can make a school uniform look incredibly smart or incredibly messy and we want our students to look as smart in appearance as they are in their heads
Many curious customers have stopped by to see the ties, currently on display at a souvenir fair in Bursa that will run through Dec.
Established firms may tie up so many of the better market outlets that a newcomer may find it difficult to break into the field.
A recent study by market research company Mintel showed sales of ties were expected to be worth no less than pounds 162million this year.
Some parts were molded with ultrasonics but no tie layer, and vice versa.
Today, TiE events are a parade of the Who's Who among CEOs and VCs of Silicon Valley, from founding Sun Microsystems CEO and Kleiner Perkins venture partner Vinod Khosla to former McKinsey CEO Rajat Gupta to former Hotmail founder Sabeer Bhatia, who sold his company to Microsoft in 1998 for $400 million.
Sir Andrew, who was wearing a suit and tie himself at the launch of the National School of Government in central London, said this could be particularly relevant in hot weather.
The extra twists in the cord or rope help tie a tight knot.
New York Dress Furnishings, the right tie is what makes the suit.
Gen, come here," he said, adjusting the tie for me.
That great neckwear barometer, the Tie Rack shop chain, reports that tie wearing is back on the increase after the dot com bubble burst.
An end plating machine for a wood tie having opposite ends comprising a frame including horizontally spaced-apart first and second end frames with the frame including tie in-feed and out-feed portions.
In anticipating another head tie-up, the DW should immediately drop into an attack stance with the back foot ready to push off and both hands, with his thumbs in ready to pop up on the opponent's forearms (Photo 3) as the latter reaches to tie up again.