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neat and tidy

Very organized and clean. Every room in this house needs to be neat and tidy before my mother-in-law gets here.
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tidy up

1. To make something or some place cleaner, neater, or more organized in appearance. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "tidy" and "up." You really need to tidy up your room. It's like a pigsty in there! I've been meaning to tidy up the bookshelves—I'm sick of having all those books thrown in a heap.
2. To refine something (such as a piece of writing) by removing errors, inconsistences, offensive elements, etc. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "tidy" and "up." I paid an editor to tidy up my manuscript, and after that I got multiple offers! No radio station will play this song as-is—you need to tidy it up a bit and remove the foul language.
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tidy something up

to clean something up; to make something more orderly. Please tidy this room up. I'll tidy up the kitchen later.
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tidy up

to clean up [oneself or a place]. Please tidy up. This place is a mess. Please tidy up. You are a mess.
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tidy up

1. To put something in order; clean something: We should tidy up the house. We need to tidy this report up before we can submit it.
2. To make things orderly and neat in appearance or procedure: We should tidy up before the guests arrive. I need to tidy up; my hair is a mess.
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The inquest heard Mr Tidy had suffered with paranoia, schizophrenia and delusion for a large part of his life, and was also known to misuse drugs and alcohol.
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She added: "This year Keep Wales Tidy celebrates forty years of working towards a beautiful Wales that is cared for and enjoyed by all.
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More volunteers are needed to take part in British Waterways' Towpath Tidy 2009 - a series of activity days taking place along stretches of canal, starting today and running until Sunday.
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interior to the eastern foothills, captured with restraint and order by Frank Tidy's camera, convey "a country in transition, filled with beauty and despair." A rendition of the Western, released when Westerns were generally not in vogue, The Grey Fox earned domestic acclaim among Canadian audiences for showing them a corner of Canada's past with both implied authenticity and the fantasy of historical romance, but it was also able to attract international audiences to the story of Miner's quiet invasion.
I've never taken the time to be truly tidy, but I will be retiring soon and have lots of time to make a positive change in my environment.
KEEP Wales Tidy is launching a new pilot scheme to keep dogs safer and pavements cleaner by turning hi-vis jackets into dog coats.