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French tickler

slang A condom designed with additional tactile elements, such as bumps, spirals, ribs, etc., so as to heighten vaginal stimulation during intercourse. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Trust me, you should definitely try wearing a French tickler at least once—your partner will love it.
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n. a joke; something very funny. That was a real rib-tickler. I’ll remember that joke.
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First, it is not unusual to find that in the absence of a specific test result tracking and tickler system, a significant percentage of positive test results, often 30 percent, will not lead to an appropriate follow up.
The daily to-do list lets people see where their projects are in the priority ranking, and the "Done" cards eventually go into a tickler file.
The CPA Tickler Database by Front Row Systems is a straightforward and easy-to-use program that helps manage this task.
Comedy fans have been snapping up tickets for Dara's new show, Crowd Tickler, at Middlesbrough on Wednesday, April 15, so quickly that promoters moved fast to bag an extra date on Tuesday, April 14.
Milk Link is eyeing a new mature or vintage branded Cheddar to complement its Tickler extra-mature brand, The Grocer can exclusively reveal.
IN THE HUNT nFishermen say dolphins prey on salmon shoals RIB TICKLER JTourists had a great day for dolphin spotting MAKE A SPLASH 3Dolphin at Doorin Point, Co Donegal
Casey O'Grady won year eight and Trout Tickler club champion, while Ryan Hindmarch was high school champion.
Milk Link has announced the launch of a new larger 350g pack of its award winning, Tickler fabulous extra mature Cheddar.
Anita Underwood, Paul Whitehouse, and Theresa Tickler Louise Hewett and Lucy Hodgeson Susan Hulmes, Linda Clarke, Liz Elt, and Jo Shore Richard Pugh and Nigel Davies Richard Stokes and Janet Humphries Tina Circus, Fiona Terry and Steve Perera
FORMER Archers radio show regular Richard Derrington (right) follows the success of his Taylor's Tickler show with a tale about a lovable rascal in And Now .
A tickler file that runs the entire term of the policy can be a reminder of, for example, things such as discounts if the person suddenly stops smoking or cancer remission time limits.
A tickler file could be dated file folders in which you put items that need to be dealt with at a later date.
Its parent company, Great Basin Financial Corporation, is listed over the OTC BB market at tickler symbol GBFL.
The Irish comedian will stop in at Middlesbrough Town Hall in April next year with his Crowd Tickler show.