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French tickler

slang A condom designed with additional tactile elements, such as bumps, spirals, ribs, etc., so as to heighten vaginal stimulation during intercourse. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Trust me, you should definitely try wearing a French tickler at least once—your partner will love it.
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A particularly funny joke. My dad loves corny jokes, so I bought him a book of rib-ticklers. You should try to slip a few rib-ticklers into your speech to help keep your audience engaged.


n. a joke; something very funny. That was a real rib-tickler. I’ll remember that joke.
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You can create your tickler file using a standard filing method or with an accordion file, which may be most effective if you travel a fair amount.
HIRST Park Trout Ticklers held their annual presentation night at the Whitehouse Social Club in Ashington last Friday.
By implementing simple manual test tracking and tickler systems in those practices, it was possible to achieve near perfect follow-up of abnormal Pap smears.
In 1989, the ARM Group developed its first application tool, the Contract Tickler, to meet the requirements of GMs.
Host JoAnn Castle (former ivory tickler for The Lawrence Welk Show) does mention in passing that his death was a result of "complications from the AIDS virus" but nary a hint is there otherwise that the man was anything but a piano-playing machine that made middle-aged women's hearts race.
Surrounding woods, however, have proven much tickler.
In our office, we also use CMS for scheduling, as a tickler file and paperless filing system.
Then have your secretary file it in a tickler file that gets reviewed monthly.
just as a personal information manager can simplify and clarify an individual's schedule, programs like MPulse can replace shelves of notebooks, walls fun of Post-It tickler notes and rolls of blueprints as key tools of the maintenance manager.
Use a tickler system to call the delinquent account on the promised date of payment.
The CPA Tickler Database by Front Row Systems is a straightforward and easy-to-use program that helps manage this task.
Comedy fans have been snapping up tickets for Dara's new show, Crowd Tickler, at Middlesbrough on Wednesday, April 15, so quickly that promoters moved fast to bag an extra date on Tuesday, April 14.