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French tickler

slang A condom designed with additional tactile elements, such as bumps, spirals, ribs, etc., so as to heighten stimulation of one's partner during intercourse. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Trust me, you should definitely try wearing a French tickler at least once—your partner will love it.
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A particularly funny joke. My dad loves corny jokes, so I bought him a book of rib-ticklers. You should try to slip a few rib-ticklers into your speech to help keep your audience engaged.
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n. a joke; something very funny. That was a real rib-tickler. I’ll remember that joke.
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Tickler files are a great way to give your memory a daily jolt, while keeping papers, bills and reminders from cluttering your workspace.
A major difference is that if you have an electronic system, it is pretty easy to program the system to track a variety of abnormal test results; whereas, it takes a separate manual tracking and tickler system for each type of abnormal test result.
CMs can set up the timing for the "Contract Tickler." Tickles come by way of e-mails (as well as graphical calendars, action grids, and action tickler reports), listing overdue-action requirements, as well as current action and future-action requirements.
To make sure you don't forget important jobs, date the top card as to when it should go into "Doing." Then have your secretary file it in a tickler file that gets reviewed monthly.
just as a personal information manager can simplify and clarify an individual's schedule, programs like MPulse can replace shelves of notebooks, walls fun of Post-It tickler notes and rolls of blueprints as key tools of the maintenance manager.
Use a tickler system to call the delinquent account on the promised date of payment.
The CPA Tickler Database by Front Row Systems is a straightforward and easy-to-use program that helps manage this task.
For example, Bob Haldeman's unrelenting internal check-up system, known as the "tickler list," kept the pressure on Jeb Stuart Magruder to carry out Haldeman's request to learn more about the Democrats' strategy.
A CANINE-themed The One Show asking Hollywood's Don Cheadle: "If you were a tickler, would you be an 'under the tummy' or a 'behind the ear' kinda guy?" (He's both.)
The host of Mock the Week brings his show, Crowd Tickler, to the city.
?During the operation, police were able to confiscate pieces of evidence such as 16 sets of lottery list (papelitos/tayaan); bet money worth R730.75; one number stamp pad; one piece stapler; two pieces ballpen (black and red); one piece HBW marker pen; two pieces metal clip; five pieces sim cards; 18 pieces rubber bond; one piece Jollibee bag (black); one piece duramax bag (brown); one plastic pouch containing three ticklers; one piece tickler (orange); and four pieces STL Identification Cards.