tickle fancy

tickle (one's) fancy

To be appealing or pleasant to someone; to be intriguing or of interest to someone. A: "Do you want to go to a movie later on?" B: "I don't know, there's nothing that really tickles my fancy in theaters right now." I'm not going to declare my major until I've had a couple years in college to see what ends up tickling my fancy.
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tickle someone's fancy

to interest someone; to make someone curious. I have an interesting problem here that I think will tickle your fancy. This doesn't tickle my fancy at all. This is dull and boring.
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catch/take/tickle somebody’s ˈfancy

(informal) please or attract somebody: Mary seems afraid some other girl will catch Alan’s fancy.She saw that the picture had taken my fancy and insisted on giving it to me as a present.
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