ticked off

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tick off

1. To make someone particularly annoyed, angry, or frustrated. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tick" and "off." It really ticks me off the way people drive in the bus lane, when they clearly aren't supposed to! Nothing ticked off my mom more than having people come into the house with dirty shoes.
2. To make a mark next to an item on a list to indicate it as present, acquired, completed, etc.; to check off. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tick" and "off." I picked up some bananas on the way home, so you can tick those off the list. We'll be done as soon as everything on the agenda has been ticked off.
3. To complete or acquire an item on a list. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tick" and "off." I have a few more accomplishments I'd like to tick off before I turn 40.
4. To list or enumerate something, often several things, without much effort. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tick" and "off." Rob can tick off so many bands that I've never even heard of. If you're having trouble remembering that formula, just ask Denise—she can tick it off with no problem.
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ticked (off)

Irritated or incensed. Nothing gets me more ticked than being stuck in traffic when I'm in a rush. I felt pretty ticked off after the agent handling our case made such rude remarks.
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ticked (off)

mod. angry. Kelly was so ticked!
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Hannon ticked off the problems facing owners: Low rents, the water bills, the looming problem of lead and the fact that the Division of Housing and Community Renewal has a 90--page application for hardship increases.
So far, 59 countries have graciously been ticked off the list in just a few years.
It may not be on the radar screens of a lot of folks at this point, but a growing number of communities are not just staying ticked off at a recent passed House redistricting--they're lining up to deep-six it.
In the end, Gareth Cooper walked off looking mightily ticked off. Sam threw his skullcap to the ground when he stumbled off; his head wasn't inside it, which was fair enough.
ANOTHER three points ticked off on the wanted list.
And like many a commoner before him, he was ticked off by police for ignoring the strict pedestrian code on Belle Meade Boulevard.
Lisa Kudrow's been ticked off by Friends co-star Courteney Cox for buying a sunbed.
To qualify, you must have ticked off a special number of countries from your card.
"I'm just the tiniest bit ticked off," Peter growls, "that my son's living with this bloke who, not only do I not like, but was sleeping with you behind my back not so long ago."
Stella Onions,43, was ticked off by an armed officer as she tried to feed son Zac,21 months.