ticked off

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ticked (off)

mod. angry. Kelly was so ticked!
See also: off, tick
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We are very thankful for Rightscorp's sponsorship and support," said Gregg Kirk, founder of The Ticked Off Music Fest.
And, with just two months to go, she ticked off the toughest task of the lot when she jumped from an aeroplane 10,000ft above Peterlee.
When 63-year-old Alma Harding ticked off some young hoodlums kicking a ball into flower beds on her village green, one of them called her a "f.
A FORMER doorman who famously ticked off two of the Beatles for breaking the Cavern's strict dress code has died.
I've ticked off Monaco, I've ticked off my home Grand Prix.
Little changed once the referee tossed the ball into the air, as the Pioneers from Lakewood jumped out to an early lead and were relentless until the final seconds ticked off in an 89-60 victory, which advanced them to the quarterfinals of the Southern Section Div.
Having alienated his agent, and ticked off a woman who has to power to okay a movie deal, Marcus is on book tour in Dallas where he appears on a local television talk show to defend his career and his latest book.
According to the news reports, Dobson ticked off a litany of alleged GOP betrayals.