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GLOSSY, cinematic big-budget US/British space drama The First, which started on C4 on Thursday, ticked all the boxes to be my latest TV addiction.
It ticked all the boxes for both people in my house.
"I had the privilege of seeing some excellent cows, but Alsnow ticked all the boxes for me; it's a herd for the future."
STUDENTS who have ticked all the boxes by not taking a day off school for up to eight years have been rewarded at a special celebration.
GRANTCHESTER has ticked all the boxes for a period crime drama but the first series ends tonight with its darkest episode yet.
Capita's UNIT-e ticked all the boxes and we are confident that the more seamless service students will receive when they apply for courses from their tablets will help to boost student applications via these channels."
DESPITE the lack of activity from some of the past leading buyers, such as Sheikh Mohammed and Benjamin Leon, it was fiercely competitive at the top end of the market for those horses who ticked all the boxes. "We didn't expect to have to pay so much," was often heard from top-end bidders, of whom there was an encouraging depth in numbers.
He said: "I've had a few opportunities to come back in but this one ticked all the boxes and I can't wait to get started.
If you love old school glamour, this ticked all the boxes.
"Malik really ticked all the boxes for us," Forrester said.
He said: "I find it bizarre that a campaign which has been in existence for two and a half years and ticked all the boxes has been usurped by a campaign which was set up in July.