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They completed the takeover of Thus last October and are looking for cost savings of pounds 7million from the deal in the six months to March 31.
It completed the takeover of Thus last October and is looking for cost savings of pounds 7m from the deal in the six months to March 31.
The suitor had told Glasgow-based Thus that it was only prepared to discuss an agreement within a "narrow price band" of the 165p-ashare indicative offer.
The group gave itself until yesterday to tempt Thus into takeover talks after its initial pounds 302m proposals were rejected.
Thus reportedly opened its books to C&W after pressure from shareholders, but has been frustrated with C&W's position on price.
Thus, it appears that, even though the regulations treat the distributed interest as having been acquired on the date the qualified trust acquired such interest, there will be no retroactive application that could either cause or undo an ownership shift or change on those prior testing dates.
Both systems thus deny free will, albeit for different reasons.
Essentially JSKK's have the option but are not obliged to have more than one investor, or more than one director--and thus a board of directors.
Thus, labor is better off with a smaller share of a bigger pie than with a larger share of a smaller pie, as the former could still be larger than the latter in absolute terms.
It thus affords the opportunity to explore what makes a painting a 'great painting' or a 'minor painting': students acquire early on a consciousness of the different kinds of evaluative language.
Thus, as distance diminishes, ordinary Baptists are embracing the new rules that close the distance between them and the world.
Thus the "disseminated result" of a force calibration at NIST is the set of coefficients [A.
Thus, a study of the Dead Sea in the land of Palestine may be enriched with the use of AV materials containing vital facts, concepts, and generalizations such as:
He clearly states the problem with jobs in the industry; thus the reduction of student enrollments at paper schools by some 50%.
We thus get a more complete picture of religion than we would from an exclusive focus on the pious.