thunder past

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thunder past someone or something

Fig. to move past someone or something, rumbling. As the traffic thundered past, I wondered why there was so much of it. The train thundered past the sleeping town.
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"In line with this, Babyshop has announced a UAE-wide recall of the product Thunder Past Railroad Train.
'Watching as the field thunder past after a circuit, the Denman factor fills the mind'
Not a lorry fun: Huge trucks thunder past David and Joan's Bulgarian hotel; Fed-up: David and Joan; Room with a poo: Rubbish is piled high just yards from David and Joan's hotel
You can watch 3D horses thunder past, take virtual helicopter rides over any racecourse in the UK, locate your nearest racecourse, and watch the greatest racehorses of all time.
Three million cars and lorries will thunder past divorcee Barbara's home every year once the by-pass opens in December.
But back-in-form Westbrook and Kevin Durant are sharp enough to take Thunder past Grizzlies.
Showing plenty of emotion down the stretch and scowling at the Atlanta bench on multiple occasions, Durant scored 41 points to rally the Oklahoma City Thunder past the Hawks 111-109 for their eighth straight victory.
The London to Birmingham route would see 250mph trains thunder past Southam and the western edge of Coventry to a new station near the NEC.
LIGHTNING Taekwondo continue to thunder past all-comers as their season goes from strength to strength.
Every few minutes trains thunder past this part of the mainline, in Cardiff's Adamsdown, at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour.
Cocktails are chugged as horses thunder past unremarked, under an ink-black sky.
They thunder past at tremendous speeds on the inside, only to cut across the solid white line when a bus blocks their way or a change of lane suits their purpose.
"You will not only be able to see these Grand Prix thoroughbreds from the golden age of motorcycle racing but smell, and even feel them, as they thunder past. The spectacle will be incredible."
Now 85,000 vehicles a day thunder past their back doors on the highway and dust, pollution and sleepless nights are the norm.