thunder across

thunder across something

Fig. to move across something, making a rumbling sound. The jets thundered across the sky, heading for their home base. As the race car thundered across the track, people strained to get a better view.
See also: across, thunder
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"Throughout the afternoon there will be some rain and potentially even the odd rumbling of thunder across most of Scotland.
Sunshine and showers, heavy with hail and thunder across Northern Ireland, northern England and Scotland, the latter seeing torrential downpours in the northeast.
Barnum to thunder across the newly opened Brooklyn Bridge.
The badweathercan be traced back toStorm Hannah, the eighth storm of the season, which is set to bring rain and thunder across the UK.
On Wednesday and Thursday, a slight drop in temperatures is forecast, bringing partly cloudy to cloudy skies with showers that might become heavy accompanied with thunder across many parts of the Kingdom, the JMD added further.
The attacks occurred within one minute of each other, while most of the US and French soldiers were sleeping, sending two claps of thunder across Beirut.
The cricket-crazy fans then raised a loud thunder across the stadium as Samuel Badree bowled the first ball of the match to Fakhar Zaman.
A pair of male voices thunder across the hall as they mock and insult her efforts at resistance.
The Liverpool International Horse Show will have its own 'Grand National' of Shetland ponies and a spectacular display by six shire horses who will thunder across the arena.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The aftermath of the gun attack on the Fenerbahce bus in Trabzon on Sunday, in which the driver Ufuk Kalyn was shot and wounded, continues to reverberate like thunder across the Turkish football scene.
The rumble of thunder across September skies offers an augury of contrasts for the now and the future.
formerly railway tracks, and thunder across rebuilt bridges
The aim is to thunder across your opponents' goal line with two wheels in contact with the hardwood floor and the ball in your hands.
TOMORROW afternoon at 4 o'clock French time a rumbling mass of sports cars will thunder across the start line of the famous 24-hours Le Mans - and 70,000 Brits will be there to watch.
Zenyatta's virtual hooves still thunder across the plains of cyberspace (well, her diary's still going) and she's last year's girl - Uncle Mo's the new colt on the block.