thunder across

thunder across something

Fig. to move across something, making a rumbling sound. The jets thundered across the sky, heading for their home base. As the race car thundered across the track, people strained to get a better view.
See also: across, thunder
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A pair of male voices thunder across the hall as they mock and insult her efforts at resistance.
com Liverpool International Horse Show will have its own 'Grand National' of Shetland ponies and a spectacular display by six shire horses who will thunder across the arena.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The aftermath of the gun attack on the Fenerbahce bus in Trabzon on Sunday, in which the driver Ufuk Kalyn was shot and wounded, continues to reverberate like thunder across the Turkish football scene.
The rumble of thunder across September skies offers an augury of contrasts for the now and the future.
I hear the sea's long thunder across the bar, I hear the rain come sweeping down the hill, his voice at the window like a dipping tern calling at night, from far out to sea.
formerly railway tracks, and thunder across rebuilt bridges
The aim is to thunder across your opponents' goal line with two wheels in contact with the hardwood floor and the ball in your hands.
TOMORROW afternoon at 4 o'clock French time a rumbling mass of sports cars will thunder across the start line of the famous 24-hours Le Mans - and 70,000 Brits will be there to watch.
Zenyatta's virtual hooves still thunder across the plains of cyberspace (well, her diary's still going) and she's last year's girl - Uncle Mo's the new colt on the block.
Before you've really noticed the effort, you've covered quite long distances on Dartmoor, hopping from one rocky escarpment to the next and watching wild ponies thunder across the valleys.
Ships and laser fire fill the sky, Warthog jeeps thunder across the rocky terrain, while in the distance, teams take on the alien threat in close quarters hand-to-hand combat.
To see the young stallions thunder across the field, their silky manes and tales flying in the wind, is thrilling--especially since testosterone can suddenly send the horses crashing into each other or rearing into the air.
HERE'S an interesting insight into the mindset of lorry drivers as they thunder across North Wales in unsafe vehicles: "they think it's worth the risk.
The poet hears the rumble of thunder across the Khandagiri hills.
It's called the Dodge Nitro, a bargain mid-size 4x4 with an Arnie Schwarzenegger personality and a nose that's reminiscent of those giant inter-state road-trains that thunder across America.