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thump on someone or something

to pound on someone or something. Tim was angry with Roger and thumped on him a little, but decided to forgive him. Andy thumped on the bass drum for an hour.
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thump something down

to throw something down so it makes a pounding noise. Nancy thumped the parcel down and caught her breath. She thumped down the parcel.
See also: down, thump

thump something out (on the piano)

to pound out music on a piano. Joel thumped a happy tune out on the piano. He thumped out a well-known tune.
See also: out, thump
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The Seismic Line RM-01, was acquired using a thumper source.
Thumper used to be quite grumpy and would whack her tail on the ground.
One dealer I know is asking pounds 240 for Thumper on his own
Thumper was found alive nearby and caught by the SPCA.
They normally take two of us to move one, but Thumper quickly discovered his own method.
Orphaned as a fawn, Bambi makes friends with playful rabbit Thumper and Flower, the loveable skunk.
THUMPER was more than a just a pet to autistic teenager Nicolas Wilby.
Survival rates for the two groups were the same but the motion group had significantly better cardiac function and less signs of inflammation hours after resuscitation than the Thumper group.
Male model Tim Haddock went close to a consolation with a 20-yard thumper, which was well saved, but Vale wrapped up their win with two goals at the death.
I am no Bible thumper, but if church leaders fail to speak up, then it is no wonder the moral decline (and everything it brings) is accelerating.
Q How can we train my granddaughters' sixmonth-old rabbit Thumper to wet in the same place?
A second pet rabbit belonging to her distraught son Brad was set loose but that bunny - called Thumper - was later found.
Thumper has been made in several colours and is not too rare but still makes pounds 20 to pounds 40.
22pm and Malbay Thumper the call in the Grolsch Dual Distance Trophy final over 730m at 9.
In which Bond film would you find Thumper and Bambi?