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A derogatory term for a Christian considered aggressively evangelistic or excessively focused on the literal teachings of the Bible. Primarily heard in US. After Mary started spending more time with her church's youth group, her friends from school began to complain that she had become a bit of a Bible-thumper

thump on (someone or something)

To beat or pound on someone or something with force. The two brothers thump on each other all the time, but they're really very close. The manager thumped on the table to bring some order to the meeting.
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Caption: Outdoor Sportsman Group's director of social media marketing, Rudy Bachraty, gets some footage of Windham Weaponry's VP of sales and marketing, Mark Eliason, describing the features of the .450 Thumper rifle at the 2018 NRA Show.
The bait had a wide flat belly, thin back, and long tail with the widest flap of any thumpers to date.
A series of quick turns (and ducks on my part) brought the Thumper in ahead, and the crew let out whoops and high-fives.
This 2D data was acquired using a thumper in split spread configuration at Southern of the Middle Magdalena Valley, involving tertiary sediments from the Gualanday Group.
This was a challenging job--the base polymer of the Thumper's two-piece housing was a tough polycarbonate, Clariant points out.
Susan wants to blab; Dave needs an ear; and Thumper just brags about his manliness.
The people who built those solid Bushmaster rifles and parts back in the day are the same people who make this Windham .450 Thumper rifle.
Well, you wouldn't dare turn down old Thumper, would you?
THUMPER AND MISCHIEF Thumper, eight, and six-year-old Mischief live with owners Jim and Jennie Campbell in Hollybush, near Ayr.
Delighted owner Cooney said: "I actually bought him off Miles Anderton who works beside me at Bet365, as I thought he'd be a great replacement for Malbay Thumper, who I've had with Laurence for the past three years.
Firstly, Thumper, our ram from last year, took a one-way magical mystery tour which ended at the abattoir.
Woodland friends Thumper, Flower, Friend Owl and Faline return too, along with new chums, including Thumper's little sisters.
The only product that will not feature the new cap is Old Thumper Extra Special Ale which will continue to be crowned with its traditional "boar's head" cap.
John is nicknamed 'Thumper.' He failed his 11 plus, but completed A-Levels by correspondence course and then studied at Hull University.
Also taking to the stage across the weekend of June 21-23 are Irish acts including Wyvern Lingo, The Murder Capital, Talos - AKA Eoin French from Cork, Mano Le Tough, The Clockworks, Tulla Ceili Band, Princess Nokia, Kate Tempest, Baikal, Kiddy Smile, Monolink, The Drifter, Laoise, Oshun, Coely, Thumper, Niamh REGAN, Lil'Dave, Dream Wife, Meltybrains?