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thump on (someone or something)

To beat or pound on someone or something with force. The two brothers thump on each other all the time, but they're really very close. The manager thumped on the table to bring some order to the meeting.
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thump on someone or something

to pound on someone or something. Tim was angry with Roger and thumped on him a little, but decided to forgive him. Andy thumped on the bass drum for an hour.
See also: on, thump

thump something down

to throw something down so it makes a pounding noise. Nancy thumped the parcel down and caught her breath. She thumped down the parcel.
See also: down, thump

thump something out (on the piano)

to pound out music on a piano. Joel thumped a happy tune out on the piano. He thumped out a well-known tune.
See also: out, thump
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Martin O'Neill (above) suffered a humiliating defeat at Chelsea as Aston Villa were thumped 7-1.
Swindon won 3-1 at Boston, MK Dons thumped Barnet 3-1, Torquay crashed 5-2 at Notts County and Macclesfield beat Hereford 3-0.
Airdrie regained the lead a minute into the second half when David Dunn thumped home from 35 yards.
Later Trevor, 48, who had been playing for a Press team against Georgian journalists in Tblisi, said: "He thumped me with a real right hook.
Then David Dunn thumped home from 35 yards to regain the lead for Airdrie.
League strugglers BONYMAEN caused an upset by belting BEDWAS 24-12, while NEWBRIDGE thumped GLAMORGAN WANDERERS 46-12.
Vale of Leven beat Banchory 2-0 while Maryhill thumped five past Muirkirk without reply.
Niall Maginn thumped home the third and within five minutes it was 4-1 when Costello again clipped a neatly weighted ball inside for the industrious Aaron Robb to slide the ball home.
Llodra's career record against left-handers on all surfaces faster than clay is a respectable 24 wins from 38 matches (63 per cent strike-rate), while he thumped Koubek 6-4 6-0 in the first round of the Miami Masters in March.
A minute later Accies were two up when Mark Nelson's cross was thumped home from close range by Martin Bonnar.
Alexander thumped an effort just wide on the stroke of half-time.
RIVER CITY RUMPUS: Deek holds back furious Bob and, bottom, Liam holds his chin after being thumped
CRAIG seems destined to spend his life getting thumped by irate dads.
Graham, from Leeds, said yesterday: "I thumped his chest, as I'd seen them do in Casualty many times.
It wasn't HRH's 'tired and emotional' state that surprised me, nor, to be honest, the fact he thumped the grotty looking bloke with the wide-angled lens.