thump down

thump something down

to throw something down so it makes a pounding noise. Nancy thumped the parcel down and caught her breath. She thumped down the parcel.
See also: down, thump
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El-Sayed and the controlling Brotherhood doctors dodged the general assembly's decree and managed to thump down the strike by postponing it," he said.
Dave dragged the bags and let them thump down each step, then chucked them into the dumpster from five feet away.
He emphasized that if another super typhoon will hit the country and will thump down energy facilities again, "we don't even want to guess how we will go about restoring power supply.
Rippin' is too much most of the time, but snapping this combo up off the bottom aggressively through the edge of weeds and letting it thump down on a slack line gets big fish going when standard stuff won't at times.
If the scrum had been the overwhelming positive from England's wins over Australia and Argentina, then New Zealand gave the hosts a huge thump down to earth in the opening set-piece and while they survived, the visitors confirmed their dominance with a second try as Read escaped past Ben Foden to score.
As you begin your downswing, take a step towards the target, plant your foot hard, thump down and complete a full follow through.
Synths from movie Blade Runner thump down as Sean's flat baritone adds a touch of bored beauty - a bit Phil Oakey, a bit Gary Numan.
This is woolly enough to give the impression there will be some consultation but, more likely, the cruise missiles will have long landed before MPs' generous backsides thump down on the leather benches of the House of Commons to discuss the issue.
For some reason it is only on Hennessy day that Newbury comes properly alive, dancing to the tune of the big urban contingent who thump down on the train plus the usual once-a-year smattering of gilded youth having their day out-the massed bands of the under-20s Berkshire privileged enjoying their annual treasure hunt for a chin.
Both Egypt and the UAE joined the Saudi Arabian coalition that was launched in March in support of Yemeni president Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi, to thump down an insurgency by Shi'a Houthi rebels who took over the capital Sana'a earlier this year.
The initial training drills were a resounding thump down to earth.