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thump on (someone or something)

To beat or pound on someone or something with force. The two brothers thump on each other all the time, but they're really very close. The manager thumped on the table to bring some order to the meeting.
See also: on, thump

thump on someone or something

to pound on someone or something. Tim was angry with Roger and thumped on him a little, but decided to forgive him. Andy thumped on the bass drum for an hour.
See also: on, thump

thump something down

to throw something down so it makes a pounding noise. Nancy thumped the parcel down and caught her breath. She thumped down the parcel.
See also: down, thump

thump something out (on the piano)

to pound out music on a piano. Joel thumped a happy tune out on the piano. He thumped out a well-known tune.
See also: out, thump
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No sera facil, ni sera rapido, pero cuando el tiempo transcurra, cuando estos dias oscuros terminen, no sera la historia de Donald Thump la que prevalezca, lo que quedara sera la narrativa de la lucha, las historias de las mujeres y de los hombres que en Estados Unidos y en Mexico se opusieron al muro.
You should always be able to feel the thump of the bait.
El enojo contra Thump es individual, no contra el sistema estadunidense que sigue viendo a Mexico como el pariente pobre, sea Thump, Obama o Hillary.
Aqui, en Mexico, el discurso de Thump justificadamente ha encendido los animos y provocado todo tipo de reacciones, la mayoria indignadas por la violencia verbal del aspirante a la Casa Blanca contra Mexico y contra los mexicanos.
The home side gifted the Cobblers the opener just before the break when Danny Swailes upended Scott McGleish, who got up to thump home the resulting penalty.
He is just about to thump Charlie when Shelley (Sally Lindsay) steps in and begs him not to thump her boyfriend, lying that he has never done anything to hurt her.
Stokesley lost ground in the league as table-toppers North Shields took advantage of the cup diversion to thump Ferryhill 6-0.
Steve Welch, 32, from Wolverhampton, was sitting under the monument with his brother when they heard a loud thump and looked up to see a man lying on the floor just three metres from them.
TV's Goodies used black puddings as weapons in classic 1975 sketch The Battle of Ecky Thump, which took the mickey out of the 70s kung-fu craze.
Juan Martin Del Potro dropped just six games against Nicolas Mahut in his opening match, and if he is a similar mood against Jurgen Melzer it would be no surprise to see him thump the Austrian, so it could pay to get long of Del Potro's game supremacy
The funny thing was when we got to the plane, we heard thump, thump, thump, all those tails wagging.
THUMP WINNING SMILE: Alex Salmond early today SPECIAL: Later edition
A COLLEGE student has told how he heard a "little thump sound" before seeing a man with learning difficulties on the floor.
Elsewhere, Kenny McLean bagged a hat trick as Beith came from behind to thump Newtongrange 6-2.
The first time he stopped breathing it took just one thump to bring him round.