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thump down

To throw, hurl, or slam someone or something down (on something) with an audible thud. A noun or pronoun can be used between "thump" and "down." The drunk man tried to take a swing at the police officer, who thumped him down on the sidewalk. Don't just thump that thing down like that—you could break it!
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thump on (someone or something)

To beat or pound on someone or something with force. The two brothers thump on each other all the time, but they're really very close. The manager thumped on the table to bring some order to the meeting.
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thump out

1. To create some kind of rhythm, tune, or percussive beat by thumping (on something). A noun or pronoun can be used between "thump" and "out." Someone started thumping out a beat on an upturned bucket while Jeff improvised the words. I couldn't remember how the song went, so she thumped the rhythm out for me on the table.
2. To play a song (on some instrument with keys), especially in a very rough or informal manner. Someone ran over to the piano and started thumping out "Jingle Bells."
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thump on someone or something

to pound on someone or something. Tim was angry with Roger and thumped on him a little, but decided to forgive him. Andy thumped on the bass drum for an hour.
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thump something down

to throw something down so it makes a pounding noise. Nancy thumped the parcel down and caught her breath. She thumped down the parcel.
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thump something out (on the piano)

to pound out music on a piano. Joel thumped a happy tune out on the piano. He thumped out a well-known tune.
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But on a more serious note, and away from his 'thump chesting' antics, Waziri Echesa has earned himself the dubious distinction of being the most incompetent and clueless Sports Minister we've ever had.
Then she notes the pressure at the last thump. This is the diastolic (DIE-us-tall-ik) reading, the pressure between beats.
"No, young man, that is very different." Pastor raises his voice above the thump thump as a police helicopter lands at the other end of the beach.
Although she signed with Thump Records, as a pop/alternative/hip-hop artist, she continues to show off her rhythmic versatility by fusing in that "feel good" Oldie sound to her musical style.
For decades, important information came in the form of fine print and heavy thump.
And it was the thump, thump, thump of expertly timed dance shoes on the stage that really got the audience excited.
Northampton turned on the afterburners in the second half to thump Newcastle 44-15 as did Leicester on Friday night to slam Sale 34-13.
PRINCE William told looting victims that he would love to give the rioters a 'thump', when he visited Birmingham.
But it's unlikely to be restful - there is the thump, thump, thump of music from a car parked half a mile away!
So if you're looking for a respite from the 'thump thump' of a Friday night out at a club, head to the Rockwell Caf[R] at Capitol Hotel and support the local talent on display.
Mel Taylor, who lives on Russet Drive east of Delta Highway, heard a "thump, thump, thump" and hustled up a path to the freeway, he said.
It's not every weekend, but you come to expect it - thump, thump, thump."
To make a "thump," for instance, the spider rams its front legs onto the ground and then vibrates its whole body.