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thumbnail sketch

1. A small picture that presents a smaller version of a larger image or proposed image. Before fully redesigning the layout of the office, the interior designer provided me with a thumbnail sketch of his initial plans.
2. A short description or preview. Class, each of you will need to submit a thumbnail sketch of your essay topic for my approval.
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a thumbnail sketch

a brief or small picture or description. The manager gave a thumbnail sketch of her plans. The student wrote a thumbnail sketch of his project.
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thumbnail sketch

A brief outline or cursory description, as in Let me give you a thumbnail sketch of the situation. This idiom alludes to drawing a picture no larger than a thumbnail. [Mid-1800s]
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thumbnail sketch

n. a quick and concise description. (One that could be written on someone’s thumbnail.) Let me give you a thumbnail sketch of what happened.
See also: sketch, thumbnail
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Neon Live not only provides a thumbnail, but selects the best frame from the last minute to be used as the image to drive views and engagement.
Design for the small screen: The majority of impressions your thumbnail will receive -- whether those impressions are on a mobile device, the related videos column, or the homepage feed -- will have very small dimensions.
Even better: The same thumbnail previews are displayed in the history of recently visited URLS.
NetVisualize can generate an HTML page of thumbnail images, each linked to the websites they represent.
For example, Darwin Glass flakes and thumbnail scrapers were recovered from Mack 90/1 (Stern & Marshall 1993: 14), while 40 Darwin Glass artefacts were documented from MLTE (Pocock 1992: 48).
File Formats Supported by ArcSoft RAW Thumbnail Viewer:
The Alexa Site Thumbnail web service enables developers to enhance web sites, search results, web directories, blog entries, and other web real estate with images of web site home pages that Alexa has collected from crawling the web.
With the Scientific Image Manager, users can view numerous thumbnails and preview images of multiple file types, in a single window eliminating the need for multiple third-party image viewer programs.
From thumbnail to final printed board output, Boardomatic 2 is a first-ever, speed-optimized digital emulation of the same process used for years throughout the industry.
The Yoink thumbnail opens full-size as a Web Archive in Safari in a single click.
This additional functionality allows for scanning, image enhancement, reformatting, notation, thumbnail viewing, image printing, barcode recognition and saving the images.
We are announcing this development at PMA 2005 because Rimage systems are used in the photo industry to record digital photographic data on discs and to print thumbnail photos on the top.
The Samsung MMCmicro memory card has been designed to overcome a major hurdle in cell phone design -- achieving high performance with a low-power, removable memory card, now smaller than the size of a thumbnail.
Thumbnails: As a picture is worth more than words, each search result has a thumbnail to give a visual preview of the page.