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thud against someone or something

to thump against someone or something, making a dull noise on impact. The pumpkin thudded against Jerry, breaking open and messing up his clothes. The ball thudded against the wall and bounced back.
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thud into someone or something

to bump into someone or something, making a dull noise on impact. The door blew open and thudded into Marie, giving her a bump on the knee. The ball thudded into the side of the house.
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It fell about 800ft after making "an odd, thudding noise" and landed upside down.
The Nordic duo started their show with that song, which, despite a thudding bass backing, retained much of its simplistic beauty.
But a substantial portion of this work is a thudding recitation of facts, long on hindsight and short on insight, with conclusions that too often offer little more than a firm grasp of the obvious.
The cyclical, earthshaking thudding of the Tumble Room hardly allows for that.
Affleck (whose thudding performance in ``Phantoms'' suggests he is reading his dialogue for the first time, directly from cue cards) plays the local sheriff with a gosh-oh-gee ingenuousness that makes you wonder what movie he thinks he's in.
Austin, 28, from Cincinnati, survived a surprising flash knockdown in the Aguila fight before turning on the firepower and pelting the challenger with thudding combinations.