thud against

thud against someone or something

to thump against someone or something, making a dull noise on impact. The pumpkin thudded against Jerry, breaking open and messing up his clothes. The ball thudded against the wall and bounced back.
See also: thud
References in classic literature ?
Philip's heart gave a great thud against his ribs, and he let the door handle go.
Inih Effiong almost added a second but saw his free-kick from 25 yards thud against Denham Hinds' crossbar.
All of a sudden I heard a thud against the glass at the front of the shop.
Close enough to hear the brick thud against the wall of shields.
Then the striker swept over a long-range angled effort that beat Robinson, only to thud against the far post.
Forssell dived to meet Damien Johnson's cross and saw his header thud against the post.
My reaction was to lower my head, tilting it slightly forward and then I felt a thud against the side of my helmet as the round struck me.
When Paula Band heard a thud against her front door, she looked out from behind her net curtains to see Alioune Cisse being brutally attacked.
harmony they thud against the rocks to tame the tighs.
they thud against the picture window over and over, fixed on escaping
Bush ducked both shoes as they whizzed past his head and landed with a thud against the wall behind him.
Mr Bush ducked as both shoes whizzed past his head and landed with a thud against the wall behind him.
I was looking away when I felt a thud against my leg and heard rustling.
Relaxed at having averted the threat of relegation, composed Nomadsheld the champions in check throughout a deadlocked first half and were unlucky to see a fine effort by Jed Courtney thud against the woodwork on 15 minutes.
I'm afraid of the smell of damp metal, a chill that rises into my scalp a thud against the wall at three a.