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thud against someone or something

to thump against someone or something, making a dull noise on impact. The pumpkin thudded against Jerry, breaking open and messing up his clothes. The ball thudded against the wall and bounced back.
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thud into someone or something

to bump into someone or something, making a dull noise on impact. The door blew open and thudded into Marie, giving her a bump on the knee. The ball thudded into the side of the house.
See also: thud
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All I heard was very sickening thud. I thought it was a car crashAlan Stainsby
"Rattle and Thud is a collaborative hub for musicians who want to give their music a bigger audience and work with others on joint live or recorded projects.
While both the House and Senate have approved the THUD appropriation, the issues contained in these proposals will either get worked out in conference or, more likely, will be combined with other funding measures later this year.
In our frenzy to liquidate, even functional items failed the test: For example, the coffee table from our living room, a perfectly good suitcase (whose only crime was that I don't travel much), and my old, but functional bowling shoes - thud, thud, thud.
The THUD appropriations bill will be considered by the Senate s full Appropriations Committee.
And that thud's message is clear: America has done with nibbling,
Have you ever turned off a faucet and hear a thud, or pipes banging and clanging?
And what is the joy that one can derive from hearing the rush of a projectile followed by a thud that could initiate a heart attack for an elderly.
After a few simplifications, Katz calculated that the initial hit releases a dull thud because the ball's volume changes, sending a sound wave in all directions at once.
"As we landed I was bracing myself for an enormous thud. But instead of one thud, there was a series of thuds as it bounced along the grass."
These cards make a "thud" sound when plunked on a counter.
30 with a thud as a poor fourth quarter left the company $34 million in the black but with a 40.3% earnings decline from a profit of $56.9 million in the 2004-05 financial year.
Its nine original songs declare the state of the nation in urgent declarative sentences ("America needs a leader") sung to folkish melodies over Young's patented wash of distorted electric guitar and lumbering bass-and-drums thud. The 10th song is a version of "America the Beautiful" sung by a 100-voice gospel choir.
In the opening duet, two men, as close as packed sardines, engage in lifts that end in a lilt or a thud. Occasionally a hand touches the nape of a neck.
He makes a splash that quickly becomes a thud in the New York City broadcast market as a sportscaster, and gets caught up in the super-paced Big Apple lifestyle.