thrust into

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thrust something into someone or something

 and thrust something in
to stab or run something into someone or something. The knight thrust his lance into the villain. He thrust in his knife.
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References in classic literature ?
It's I," said a firm, pleasant, woman's voice, and the stern, pockmarked face of Matrona Philimonovna, the nurse, was thrust in at the doorway.
On her left hand she bore a hawk, a proof to Don Quixote's mind that she must be some great lady and the mistress of the whole hunting party, which was the fact; so he said to Sancho, "Run Sancho, my son, and say to that lady on the palfrey with the hawk that I, the Knight of the Lions, kiss the hands of her exalted beauty, and if her excellence will grant me leave I will go and kiss them in person and place myself at her service for aught that may be in my power and her highness may command; and mind, Sancho, how thou speakest, and take care not to thrust in any of thy proverbs into thy message.
Quicker, however, than the breeze, the withered, sallow arms of the beggars were thrust in, accompanied by the eternal whine of "Miserabili, miserabili, excellenza
The GE90 is currently on schedule for certification at 84,700 pounds thrust in November of this year.
This member of the PW4000 family uses a fan 112 inches in diameter and is expected to be certified by the FAA at 84,000 pounds of thrust in April, 1994, as the launch engine for the new Boeing 777 twin-engine aircraft.
25 and is scheduled for flight tests in mid-1992, leading to certification at 31,500 pounds thrust in May 1993.