thrust forward

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thrust something forward

to jab something forward. She thrust her jaw forward and walked into the room. Roger thrust his hand forward just in time to stop the child from crossing the street.
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He stood there, in all this glare of living light, with one hand resting on the wooden slab before him, the other held to his ear, and his head thrust forward to enable him to catch with greater distinctness every word that fell from the presiding judge, who was delivering his charge to the jury.
She was a spare, tall woman, a little stooped, and she was apt to carry her head thrust forward in an attitude of attention, as if she were looking at something, or listening to something, far away.
He crept to it to revive himself, lifted the upper part of his body on his trembling arms, thrust forward his head and saw the reflection of his face, as in a mirror.
"Do it decent, anyhow;" and the roar of the rush drowned his words, for the rear companies thrust forward the first, still singing as they swung down the slope -
Sir Christopher stood a little apart, his arms folded behind his back, one heavy brown boot thrust forward, chin in as curbed, and black eyebrows lowered to shade the keen eyes.
Holmes had sprung to his feet, and I saw his dark, athletic outline at the door of the hut, his shoulders stooping, his head thrust forward, his face peering into the darkness.
Encouraging each other to persevere, they poised the fragments of rocks, prepared the lighter missiles for immediate service, and thrust forward the barrels of the muskets with a business-like air, and a coolness, that would have done credit to men practised in warfare.
She smoothed them out, with her soft little chin thrust forward. "Ten francs," she said quickly.
While Mr Keter, who is a former senator of Kericho, has both his hands thrust forward for a handshake with Governor Chepkwony , the latter's attention seems to have been elsewhere darting towards the DP who had moved on to greet Senator Cheruiyot.All the while, Soin Sigowet MP Kipsengeret Koros stood watching the unfolding scenario from the end of the line.
Mid May shows a significant thrust forward, and meantime, this week could bring a chance to connect with folk you might otherwise not get to see.
And indeed it looked as though 10-man Rangers could nick the win, as they thrust forward in numbers and had a number of chances to score.
She thrust forward with such attack that the end rushed up to greet her and she touched home at the same time as pushing off.
Karanka's men quickly thrust forward with a Matty Cash shot deflected over by De Wijs.
Stand tall, and try to avoid sitting for extended periods at a desk with your head thrust forward. Take frequent breaks, and do neck stretches a couple of times an hour (see our suggestions below).
Just a thought but consider Shelvey's rapier thrust forward passing with Vardy lurking on the last shoulder aided by his blistering pace and thunderous finish.