thrust down

thrust something down something

to jab or stab something down into something. The keeper quickly thrust the medicine down the lion's throat. The chimney sweep thrust his brush down the chimney.
See also: down, thrust

thrust something down

to jab something downward. Max thrust the knife down and speared a piece of chicken. He thrust down the fork like a spear.
See also: down, thrust
References in classic literature ?
He thrust down his long staff to Robin crying, "Lay hold of that, an your fists whirl not so much as your head
The adversary waited a while, with his shoulders still lifted, his head thrust down between them, and his keen bright eye fixed on me; then he threw out two or three more insults, which I could not understand, further than that I knew a portion of them consisted of language not used in church.
He thrust down his hand but could feel no money, but still was persuaded it must be there.
The ship began now to fill; several passengers came on board, who were embarked on no criminal account, and these had accommodations assigned them in the great cabin, and other parts of the ship, whereas we, as convicts, were thrust down below, I know not where.
WE have been having devolution and an elected mayor for the area of Tees Valley thrust down our throats of late and how it will improve the Tees Valley.
There would be a strike in Ireland, a major thrust down the west coast of England and a diversionary attack into Northumberland, led by the earls of March, Moray and Douglas.
Armstrong's thrust down the left was good, Johansen's fizzed pass was great and Griffiths' composure with the ball at his feet and only the keeper to beat was proof, if any were required, he is the best finisher at the club.
The boy was not an accomplished kisser and my stomach churned when I saw his entire face being thrust down into the, apparently passive, teenage girl beneath him.
Nemo described the goal: "A quick thrust down the left, a cross from Rees while the Colchester defence was at sixes and sevens, and it was a blur as Hudson whipped the ball into the back of the net.
Her colleagues seemed pretty clear - otherwise they wouldn't have enjoyed watching her head being thrust down a toilet, while one officer shouted: "No back-up
Residents who had their arms thrust down council drains this Christmas might consider value for money is thin on the ground.
Later they sent each other intimate photos on their mobile phones, the girl posing topless and him wearing just his boxer shorts with his hands thrust down the front.
Our journey through time for the past 37 years has been gratifying because we have never tried to impose from atop a pulpit and thrust down on our readers what they did not want.
Ben, not his real name, claimed that when during one visit by Savile, a staff member thrust down his pyjama trousers for Savile's enjoyment.
It shows people will not accept changes thrust down from Westminster.