thrust back

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thrust someone or something back

to push someone or something backward and away. Tom moved forward, but the guard thrust him back. He thrust back the door, which had closed on his foot.
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References in classic literature ?
Again Watson put him on the floor, broke away, and was thrust back by the pasty-faced circle to duck Patsy's swinging right and effect another clinch.
He granted that Patroclus should thrust back war and battle from the ships, but refused to let him come safely out of the fight.
It took all her strength to keep the tears from springing, and to thrust back her assurance that she would forgive him till Doomsday if he chose.
It was thrust back into prominence by last year's dissolution of the Cambodia National Rescue Party, when it was tapped to take over 41 of the CNRP's vacated seats in parliament.
She said, "He came in close, put his bare feet on top of mine so I could not move, leaned his body against me, and began quick, discreet thrust back and forth against my body.
I was thrust back to high school, filling out a book review form that asked me to complete "The theme of this book is .
The hero is thrust back into action after an attack on Nick Fury.
The KKR Global Institute chairman will be thrust back into the political spotlight after having resigned from the CIA in 2012 following the discovery of his (https://www.
Thrust back into the starting 11 after missing two games with an abductor problem, Balotelli made an immediate impact.
Hamilton, 31, was thrust back into the media spotlight just a fortnight on from his peculiar performance in Japan, where he attracted criticism for fooling around on his mobile phone during the official pre-race press conference.
But with Steve Bruce now the man in charge at Boodymoor Heath, will he be thrust back into the fold?
Upon the release of the documentary, the case has been thrust back into the spotlight.
Thrust back into the cryptic world of Cania Christy, Anne finds herself tangled in a mystic plot she can't escape.
But while Grealish is set to be thrust back into the action, boss Sherwood said new PS7million wonderkid Adama Traore, 19, is not fit enough after signing from Barcelona.
That your shoulders thrust back, gleaming as if to begin this proud and