thrust at

thrust something at someone or something

to stab at someone or something with something. The goat thrust its head at the dog. Ann thrust the pencil at the balloon and popped it.
See also: thrust
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Concentrating at the blade passing frequency and considering the existing understanding of square functional relationship between propeller steady thrust and shafting rotating speed, the fluctuating thrust is still set as a fixed proportion 5% of steady thrust at different rotational speeds.
The engines did not shut down and both engines continued to produce thrust at an engine speed above flight idle, but less than the commanded thrust.
Those patients in the study who had varus thrust at baseline had a 3.97-fold higher risk of osteoarthritis progression, which was a statistically significant difference.
Those who had varus thrust at baseline had a 3.97-fold higher risk of OA progression, a statistically significant difference.
The key benefit of this design is that the gases push with even thrust at all altitudes.
The engine, which is scheduled to be certified to 78,000lbs thrust by the end of 2015, will offer commonality for customers operating a combination of 787 Dreamliner models and provide margin to Boeing requirements for 76,000lbs of thrust at entry into service.