thrust at

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thrust something at someone or something

to stab at someone or something with something. The goat thrust its head at the dog. Ann thrust the pencil at the balloon and popped it.
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References in classic literature ?
Jussac, anxious to put an end to this, springing forward, aimed a terrible thrust at his adversary, but the latter parried it; and while Jussac was recovering himself, glided like a serpent beneath his blade, and passed his sword through his body.
At this very moment, the gentleman in sky-blue turning round, and seeing the young lady with her face uncovered, vented an exclamation of rage and jealousy, and, turning his weapon against her beautiful bosom, pointed a thrust at her heart, which caused my uncle to utter a cry of apprehension that made the building ring.
The engines did not shut down and both engines continued to produce thrust at an engine speed above flight idle, but less than the commanded thrust.
Those patients in the study who had varus thrust at baseline had a 3.
With 650,000 pounds of thrust at sea level, the RS-68 is the most powerful liquid-hydrogen fuel engine.
The key benefit of this design is that the gases push with even thrust at all altitudes.
The Atlas booster engines develop 484,000 pounds (2,153 kN) of thrust at liftoff, using two booster engines for 423,500 pounds (1,884 kN) of thrust and one 60,500-pound thrust (269 kN) sustainer engine.