thrust against

thrust someone or something against someone or something

to drive or shove someone or something against someone or something. The force of the crash thrust Liz against Tiffany. The crash thrust Liz against the car door.
See also: thrust
References in classic literature ?
You can swim with the tide and have peace in mind and soul, or you can thrust against it and be bruised and weary.
Sometimes quirky combinations of electronic and acoustic-seeming sounds are thrust against one another, complemented by Joe Newman's often unexpected voice characterisations.
Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister, today outlined the broad contours of India s new thrust against tuberculosis (TB), and stressed that he is determined to take the country substantially down the road to elimination of the disease by 2020.
I really wanted to go back," said Nisreen Zaqout, 21, this year's sole participant from Gaza, who worried constantly about her family's safety as the Israeli thrust against Hamas took more and more civilian lives.
He further said the rebels have been reorganising their ranks and preparing for a big thrust against the government's strategic positions, including the capital, if Juba continue to reject a ceasefire based on its clear, simple demands and terms.
Opening Night exhibits the heart-wrenching tale of Mark, a survivor of Auschwitz, who seeks to reconcile with his grown-up son and finds himself thrust against his will into a battle to confront a past he strived for years to forget.
The descent stage is a platform with jets that will thrust against the planet's gravity until the rover is hovering about 50 feet off of the ground.
He was much heavier than she had anticipated, and it required a huge effort, her feet thrust against the skirting board.
Penile fractures happen when an erect penis is thrust against a harder object.
In Eastern Libya, rebel fighters said they had gained further ground in a westward thrust against Gaddafi's forces, taking the town of Bin Jawad some 525 km East of Tripoli.
A second masked man then walked into SA News and Convenience and Velautham was pushed back towards the shop counter and the knife thrust against his back.
Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson play military opposites who are thrust against each other when Cruise's lawyer has to investigate a punishment beating supposedly ordered by Nicholson's grizzly Marine colonel.
It is possible that readers will not be familiar with all the forms of theatre mentioned, but such forms are significant in that they represent a general counter-hegemonic thrust against the Western Eurocentric paradigm.
Mum-of-five Catriona Hutchison, 46, told an employment tribunal in Glasgow that one man thrust against her, making grunting noises.
I put my hands around my daughter's head but it was thrust against the chair again and again.