thrust against

thrust someone or something against someone or something

to drive or shove someone or something against someone or something. The force of the crash thrust Liz against Tiffany. The crash thrust Liz against the car door.
See also: thrust
References in classic literature ?
You can swim with the tide and have peace in mind and soul, or you can thrust against it and be bruised and weary.
Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III said he could not understand the DOJ's dismissal, which he described as 'bad for our prosecution thrust against illegal drugs.
At the time of Zarb-e-Azb, it was prudently expected that in the wake of Pakistani thrust against terrorists in North Waziristan, their escape to Afghanistan will be blocked by NATO Forces.
With the government's intense thrust against illegal drugs, Cuy said the supply of shabu has depleted that led to the proliferation of the more hazardous form of illegal substance on the streets.
After that stunning loss that dashed away Ateneo's much-envied, twice-to-beat incentive for topping the two-round eliminations, the Eagles found their backs thrust against the wall.
You have to see it [demonetisation] together with the spending curbs imposed on cash, the thrust on income disclosures, the thrust against benami properties," he said.
Ano maintained: 'As we continue to support our administration's thrust against illegal drugs, it is only appropriate that all of us in the Armed Forces of the Philippines are drug-free, and in the best physical, mental, and psychological condition.
There is) no doubt the Islamic Ummah is going through a critical stage with a number of states in the grip of political changes and others battered by other storms of economic crises and thrust against serious security challenges," Al-Othaimeen said, according to the OIC website.
On the other hand the major problems representing the thrust against a viable federal polity are: few elements in Balochistan with their demand for full jurisdiction over powers relevant to ethnic survival, economic upliftment and nation building projects, and control over its resources; Karachi with its mayhem and lawlessness, and the lack of political will on the provincial government's part; Executive-Judicial confrontation off and on; and the fault lines in ethnic federalism with the burgeoning demand for new provinces.
The range frontal flanks reveal that different level of strata thrust against the foredeep showing inconsistency in the subsurface level ofbasal detachment horizon.
But he kept his cool, and proceeded again to thrust against the man's stomach in a desperate bid to move the meat.
He said that it was alright if mikes were thrust against him or his brother because they were young but his father was aged and Sohail would naturally be concerned when something like this happened.
The ISIS video was not released merely as a provocative propaganda thrust against the likes of Wall Street and Western financiers.
Sometimes quirky combinations of electronic and acoustic-seeming sounds are thrust against one another, complemented by Joe Newman's often unexpected voice characterisations.
Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister, today outlined the broad contours of India s new thrust against tuberculosis (TB), and stressed that he is determined to take the country substantially down the road to elimination of the disease by 2020.