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The new 1B is responsible for his bucket and the catcher's bucket is thrown back to home plate.
Hot Lob is thrown against a DB who aligns inside or is in position to take away an inside release; the receiver breaks to the outside and up the field always looking at the QB.
Purpose: To teach the receivers to concentrate on the balls thrown high and low and to make them jump or sink their hips and lower their shoulders while going up or down to catch the football.
As thrown by a right-handed pitcher to a right-handed hitter, the pitch starts inside or over the plate and then curves outside and down to the outside corner.
32 Anticipate a wild pitch on every ball thrown by the pitcher.
1st Baseman practices scooping balls thrown into the dirt by the back-up 1st baseman.
The up-and-in pitch should be a fastball thrown at the hitter's hands or just below his front elbow.