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By definition, under the current best-of-seven World Series format, a Golden Pitch can only be thrown in Game Seven of the World Series and only in the bottom of the ninth inning when the road team has the lead (or in the bottom of an extra inning, if the road team scores in the top, as was the case in Game Seven of the 1912 World Series, the first time a Golden Pitch was thrown (1)).
Parents, do you see in your son or daughter that gives you some difficulties, a thing to be thrown away, or do you see in him or her a gift of God?
In three competitions he's thrown, in order, 229-5, 229-7, 227-5.
The only real limits on the robot's ability to throw were the fact that the Phillies wanted to make sure that nobody got hurt, as a baseball can reach speeds of 100 miles per hour when thrown by a pitcher like the Cincinnati Reds' Aroldis Chapman.
When teaching about two-dimensional motion, I always art with the example of an object thrown horizontally from an elevated surface (for example, a ball thrown horizontally from the roof of building, or a stone thrown horizontally from the top of a cliff).
Same technique is used as Drill 2, but now the catcher must drop to his knees as the pitch is being thrown to prevent the ball from going between his legs.
* Boomerangs need a counter-clockwise spin and direction, unless thrown by a lefty.
In general, this provision requires sales of tangible personal property shipped from Texas to out-of-state purchasers to be thrown back to Texas when determining the gross receipts allocated to that state; see TX Tax Code Ann.
'A stone thrown at a car could cause the driver to swerve and the consequences really are unthinkable.
Within seconds of Billy's release, he had another smoke bomb lit and had thrown it into our van.
So he should do football a favour by helping the police identify the person who threw it in the first place and get him - or her - thrown out of Arsenal and football for good.
In trials using high-speed photography and balls marked with reflective tape, Alaways and Hubbard collected data from pitches thrown by a pitching machine.
The size and type of abrasive, and the quantity, direction and Velocity it is thrown determines the effectiveness of the blast.
Moreover, their data suggested that there is a tendency for free-throws to be more frequently missed by being over thrown in games than in practices.
She calls (or asks) the name of another player and tosses the ball to him -- "Joey." Now Joey calls (or asks) the name of another player and tosses the ball to him -- "Josh.' Josh now calls (or asks) the name of another player and tosses the ball to him -- "Jonny." The ball is thrown from player to player, zig-zagging across the circle, until everyone has had it once.
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