throw (one's) weight around

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throw (one's) weight around

To assert oneself in a controlling, domineering, or authoritarian manner; to exercise one's position of authority, power, or influence, especially to an overbearing or excessive degree. I'm sick of Don coming into these meetings and throwing his weight around. Can't he just leave us to our own devices? You can expect the big industries to throw their weight around in order to influence the regulations.
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throw one's weight around

Fig. to attempt to boss people around; to give orders. The district manager came to our office and tried to throw his weight around, but no one paid any attention to him. Don't try to throw your weight around in this office. We know who our boss is.
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throw your weight around


throw your weight about

COMMON If someone throws their weight around or about, they behave aggressively and use their authority over other people more forcefully than they need to. Some people regarded him as a bully who was inclined to throw his weight around. As a Party boss he used to throw his weight about.
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throw (one's) weight around

To use power or authority, especially in an excessive or heavy-handed way.
See also: around, throw, weight
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The cocky killer, 51, who has infuriated other prisoners by throwing her weight around the jail, was jumped on while walking on a landing in the prison's E2 wing six weeks ago.
EastEnders (BBC1, 8pm) Since Roxy has taken over the running of the Vic, she has been throwing her weight around and it comes to a head when Bianca asks to hold her wedding reception in the pub, Roxy puts her off by telling her it will cost pounds 2,000.
She's barging in and shaking things up, then throwing her weight around when things aren't going her way.
The R&B starlet began throwing her weight around at Nottingham's Oceana club after playing the city's Hallam FM Arena on Monday.
Therefore, when she was in situations where she had more power, instead of throwing her weight around, she generally held back.
WESTLIFE star Kian Egan has accused pop rival Christina Aguilera of throwing her weight around.
The stroppy sex symbol had been throwing her weight around back stage at Manchester Arena before the bash.
When this animated delight opens with a Godfather-style scene involving the ever-devilish minx Angelica throwing her weight around, you know you are in for a treat.
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