throw your weight around

throw (one's) weight around

To assert oneself in a controlling, domineering, or authoritarian manner; to exercise one's position of authority, power, or influence, especially to an overbearing or excessive degree. I'm sick of Don coming into these meetings and throwing his weight around. Can't he just leave us to our own devices? You can expect the big industries to throw their weight around in order to influence the regulations.
See also: around, throw, weight

throw your weight around


throw your weight about

COMMON If someone throws their weight around or about, they behave aggressively and use their authority over other people more forcefully than they need to. Some people regarded him as a bully who was inclined to throw his weight around. As a Party boss he used to throw his weight about.
See also: around, throw, weight

throw your ˈweight about/around

(informal) use your position of authority or power in an aggressive way in order to get what you want: He started throwing his weight around, shouting at everyone and telling them what to do.
See also: around, throw, weight
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The judge said: "You carried the knife because you are a committed criminal and happy to throw your weight around in the Colwyn Bay area.
If the ultimate goal is to throw your weight around by threatening global destruction and massive loss of life, then poisoning the water supply would do the job just as well, wouldn't you say?
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