throw (one) off the scent

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throw (one) off the scent

To misdirect one away from their pursuit; to steer one's investigation or suspicions in the wrong direction. The mafia accountant managed to throw the authorities off the scent of the mob's money laundering for years, but they finally caught up with him after an anonymous source tipped them off. That outlier data threw me off the scent for a while, but I think my research is back on track now.
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throw someone off the scent


put someone off the scent

If something or someone throws you off the scent or puts you off the scent when you are looking for someone or something, they confuse or deceive you by making you believe something that is not true. We decided that if anyone was following us, it would be wiser if we split up to throw them off the scent. The team was also put off the scent by the alibi Maxine Jones gave Morgan. Officers now accept they should have checked her story more thoroughly. Note: This is a reference to hounds that get distracted from the trail of an animal they are hunting, for example because of another smell.
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Gangs will operate in any way they can to throw us off the scent.
Or perhaps ITV was worried people might spot just how like SITE the X Factor has become lately and therefore instructed Harry to throw us off the scent with skits and custards pies.
"He also used his intimate family knowledge to deliver jealous, spiteful and vindictive text messages to me and our family in a further attempt to inflict more pain and to throw us off the scent of his evil deceit.
If Binocular is merely warming up for the big day, he certainly did his best to throw us off the scent. He looked a shade edgy in the preliminaries and did not travel with anything like the power we saw from stablemate Oscar Whisky later at Ffos Las.
"He's already threatened to tell me some duff times to throw us off the scent!
They're trying to throw us off the scent, the sly old devils.
A source added: "We do not know at this stage if the murder staged this voodoo type killing to throw us off the scent.
In a bid to throw us off the scent that they're an item, they left Manchester nightclub Panacea just TWO MINUTES apart.
But what we faced in the coming months and years were people who were prepared to lie in an effort to throw us off the scent."
"We know we've been fed lies to throw us off the scent. But we're good at sifting rubbish from gold." Stephen, 18, was stabbed to death in Eltham, south London, in 1993.