throw to

throw to (someone or something)

1. To give something to someone by tossing or hurling it. A noun or pronoun is used between "throw" and "to." Throw the ball to you sister, Jake. Don't throw that thing to me—you might break it!
2. To hurl, fling, or slam someone or something to some point, position, or thing. A noun or pronoun is used between "throw" and "to." The police officer threw the suspect to the ground and pinned him there until reinforcements arrived. He threw the desk to the wall in anger.
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throw something to someone or something

to toss something to someone or something. Throw the ball to me! Gary threw a bit of meat to the dog to quiet it.
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Here at Home we're big fans of adding a throw to your living room or bedroom during the colder months.
In this article we will treat the perfect throw to the basket in which the player attempts to execute a distance throw, outside the half-circle of 6.75 meters, so that the ball penetrates the basket without touching the ring.
Boston lost its second straight game to the Cardinals on Saturday night with a bad throw to third playing a key part in the defeat, this one by a 5-4 score.
For players at both positions, the key to recording the out and relaying the ball to first base begins with proper positioning in anticipation of the throw to second.
Brittany Borman had one final throw to join them, and it was a come-through effort as good as any there have been in the U.S.
Probably adjusting the throw to the opposition of the goalkeeper and defensive player may change the throwing kinematic pattern and could consequently change throwing velocity (Wagner et al., 2010b).
"Here you can throw to whatever corner, or across and in."
Once in the stop or set, the pitcher must remain motionless until he either delivers a pitch or makes a pick-off attempt and a throw to a base.
"We need to use the throw to a pattern we can set up."
Moreover, the NMRG had a lower shooting percentage, 65%-70%, from the first free throw to the second, while the MRG shot 65% and 82% on the first and second attempts, respectively.
Any player, not necessarily the one missing it, can retrieve a ball and toss it to the player they throw to. Cooperative mistakes and "errors" are made -- but never recorded !
Once the ball is fielded, he will simulate a throw to a base.
You must always spot the defensive men in the area of your receiver and always throw to the open side to diminish the chance of an interception.
If a pitcher wants to throw to a catcher, that is fine but I found that you can get more out of the development of the pitchers by using a chart.
We want them to force the quarterback to throw to the drag man, and then react up and make the tackle.