throw (one's) weight around

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throw (one's) weight around

To assert oneself in a controlling, domineering, or authoritarian manner; to exercise one's position of authority, power, or influence, especially to an overbearing or excessive degree. I'm sick of Don coming into these meetings and throwing his weight around. Can't he just leave us to our own devices? You can expect the big industries to throw their weight around in order to influence the regulations.
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throw one's weight around

Fig. to attempt to boss people around; to give orders. The district manager came to our office and tried to throw his weight around, but no one paid any attention to him. Don't try to throw your weight around in this office. We know who our boss is.
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throw your weight around


throw your weight about

COMMON If someone throws their weight around or about, they behave aggressively and use their authority over other people more forcefully than they need to. Some people regarded him as a bully who was inclined to throw his weight around. As a Party boss he used to throw his weight about.
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throw (one's) weight around

To use power or authority, especially in an excessive or heavy-handed way.
See also: around, throw, weight
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They feel that they can just throw their weight around any time it pleases them, without accountability.
He didn't have enough of his own players in the dressing room as a power base, and that allowed some of the older heads - who have been disgraceful - to throw their weight around.
Agencies that aren't obsessed with market share, dominance and the ability to throw their weight around.
Some throw their weight around, dropping names of their "high and mighty" relatives/ acquaintances, while others actually fall to the feet of the policemen.
Of those countries that do try to throw their weight around, Britain ranked highest at 15th place, which is certain to displace the powers that be in Tehran, with Russia way down in 45th place.
They throw their weight around," said a grocer on condition of anonymity.
Both are Cabinet bruisers willing to throw their weight around to press their impacton Government policy and pull rank on colleagues.
GLASGOW star Johnny Beattie last night insisted Saracens' bruisers will not be allowed to throw their weight around in Sunday's Heineken Cup clash.
One angry resident said: "We were told these things are no longer the business of Sinn Fein and their enforcers were not allowed to throw their weight around any more.
Much of the first three episodes is given over to the competitions used to weed out the weaklings or the simply unpalatable applicants - obstacle courses, animal wrangling (and neck-wringing), hut-building - and the incessant bickering that results when the alpha males throw their weight around.
As the Supreme Court has constitutionalized additional areas of law, and as it, together with lower courts, Congress, and state legislatures, have created new fields for judicial monitoring of the workplace and other realms that used to get along without intense judicial supervision, the chance for judges to throw their weight around has increased dramatically.
Even though he misses the main point, Arens offers us something useful: a behind-the-scenes look at how American officials throw their weight around when dealing with a recalcitrant ally.
Innocent holidaymakers should not be put in fear for their safety - and neither should they be inconvenienced - simply because others feel they can throw their weight around.
So they throw their weight around a la Sinatra, posing as tough guys instead of the p***s they really are.
If the Degenerates want to throw their weight around, let them do it in a clean, fair fight where the issues are truly tackled and ideas tossed around.