throw (someone or something) into (something)

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throw (someone or something) into (something)

1. Literally, to hurl someone or something forcefully into something or some place. They threw the book into the well so no one would find it. The car came to a sudden halt, throwing the driver into the road.
2. To suddenly or forcefully put someone or something into a particular condition, position, or situation. I hope they throw that no-good senator in jail for this. He threw the car into gear and sped away from the scene. The gunshot threw the crowd into chaos.
3. To apply or devote someone, something, or oneself to some activity or endeavor. John's been throwing himself into his work to deal with his grief. The political party has thrown all their resources into getting the candidate elected.
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throw someone or something into something

 and throw someone or something in
to cast or hurl someone or something into something. The cops threw Max into jail again. The warden opened the cell door and threw in the prisoner. We threw the aluminum cans in the bin.
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throw oneself into something

1. Lit. to jump into something, such as a body of water. He stood on the bridge and threw himself into the river because he was unhappy with life.
2. Fig. to dress in something hurriedly. She threw herself into the dress. He just threw himself into his tux and ran on stage.
3. Fig. to enter into or join something eagerly and wholeheartedly. Todd always threw himself into a project from start to finish. She threw herself into the project and helped immensely.
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throw oneself into

Enter or engage in a project with enthusiasm, as in Nora threw herself into making the invitations. This idiom uses throw in the sense of "fling impetuously," a usage dating from about 1200.
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throw into

1. To put someone or something suddenly or forcefully into some condition, position, or activity: The funny movie threw him into a fit of laughter.
2. To devote, apply, or direct someone or something to someone or something: The committee threw all of its resources into the fundraiser. The students threw themselves into their homework.
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"But the way you do it is you don't throw someone into an elevator and say, sink or swim.'"
"If you throw someone into the deep end where no one understands you it's not easy for coaches and captains to communicate.
You can easily throw someone into paralysis by analysis and they wind up with nothing," he said.
"I am not going to throw someone into it who I know couldn't handle it.
"The qualifiers always throw someone into the mix and all the teams playing this weekend will think they have a chance to get to the quarter-finals," said Byron.
"It was a big task to throw someone into a UEFA Cup semi-final after nothing more than a couple of five-a-side matches but Chris certainly played his part."
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