throw out of

throw (someone or something) out of (something or some place)

1. Literally, to toss or hurl someone or something through some kind of opening. In this usage, "of" is not always used. I'm so frustrated with this crappy computer that I'm ready to throw it out the window! The bouncer threw the unruly customer out of the door and onto the streets.
2. To expel, eject, or forcefully remove someone or some group from some location. The dictator threw the humanitarian aid workers out of the country. The scandal has resulted in the mayor being thrown out of office.
3. To dismiss or exclude someone or some group from some organization, network, hierarchy, position, etc. They threw her out of the club for failing to pay her membership fees. The college football team has been thrown out of the NCAA division due to allegations of cheating and corruption.
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throw someone or something out of something

 and throw someone or something out
to eject someone or something from something or a place. The intruder tried to throw Walter out of the window. He went to the window and threw out Walter.
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throw someone out of something

 and throw someone out
to force a person to leave a place or an organization. John behaved so badly that they threw him out of the party. I was very loud, but they didn't throw me out.
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