throw one's hat in the ring

throw (one's) hat in(to) the ring

To announce that one is going to be competing with others, especially in a political election. I'm thinking about throwing my hat in the ring for class president! As has been widely predicted, yesterday the governor threw his hat into the ring for the presidential election next year.
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throw one's hat in the ring

Also, toss one's hat in the ring. Announce one's candidacy or enter a contest, as in The governor was slow to throw his hat in the ring in the senatorial race. This term comes from boxing, where throwing a hat in the ring formerly indicated a challenge; today the idiom nearly always refers to political candidacy. [c. 1900]
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throw one’s hat in the ring

tv. to indicate that one is to be a contestant or a candidate. The con claimed he needed parole so he could throw his hat in the ring for the mayoral election.
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Although today it usually applies to candidates for political posts, the term to throw one's hat in the ring comes from the early days of boxing when a hat tossed into the ring was a challenge to a fighter.
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