throw money at

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throw money at (someone or something)

To attempt to resolve an issue by spending money on it without much thought, as opposed to actually solving or changing the fundamental problem. You keep throwing money at this problem, and it still hasn't gone away, but any real solution will require a complete restructuring of the current system. Poverty is not an issue we can solve simply by throwing money at it. We need several approaches. They keep hoping that we'll just drop our lawsuit if they throw enough money at us.
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throw money at something

Fig. to try to solve a problem by indiscriminately spending money on it. This agency has thrown money at the housing problem, but it has been nothing but a long-term disaster. Don't just throw money at it.
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In short we had to do all the hard work, while councils in the Valleys encourage new businesses, and throw money at you.
To simply throw money at victims is to completely undermine their need for justice, accountability and counselling.
It may well be that the best way to fight crime is not to throw money at police departments, but to use existing funds more efficiently.
Now it's apparently fine to throw money at the job and steal players.
Keith Parish claimed his debt pushed him to the brink of suicide and warned others not to fall into the same financial hole "even if banks literally throw money at you".
We struggled to get an overdraft, but now that we are doing well they want to throw money at us.
TO THROW money at the NHS under its present management would be like giving carrots to a dead donkey.