throw (in) (one's) lot with (someone or something)

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throw (in) (one's) lot with (someone or something)

1. To join another person or become part of a group. Don't worry, Mom—I really don't care about throwing my lot with the cool kids at school.
2. To give one's steadfast support to some person or group. As soon as news of the CEO's scandal becomes public, I doubt that big investor will want to throw in her lot with us.
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throw in your lot with someone

COMMON If you throw in your lot with someone, you decide to join them and to share whatever good or bad things happen to them. Few countries are ready to throw in their lot with other states on defence matters. He threw in his lot with Maria and left his family to be with her in Paris. Note: People sometimes use cast instead of throw in. I cast my lot with him through those long, difficult years. Note: In the past, `lots' were objects such as pieces of straw or paper which people used when making a decision or choice. Each lot represented, for example, a different piece of property or course of action. All the lots were put together and then chosen at random to decide who would receive the different pieces of property or what action would be taken.
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throw in your lot with

decide to ally yourself closely with and share the fate of a person or group.
Both this and the previous idiom come from the process of deciding something by drawing or casting lots.
1992 Michael Medved Hollywood vs. America Yuppie physician Michael J. Fox decides to give up his dreams of glitz and glory in L.A. and to throw in his lot with the lovable locals.
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throw in your ˈlot with somebody

decide to join a person or an organization, so that you share their luck, both good and bad: He left his job in the National Theatre to throw in his lot with a small travelling theatre company.
See also: lot, somebody, throw
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