throw in face

throw (something) in (one's) face

1. To exploit some information or evidence as a means of accosting or upbraiding one. The boss throws that awful presentation in my face anytime I ask for more responsibilities. The president's political opponents were eager to throw his signature healthcare bill in his face during the re-election campaign.
2. To reject something that one has said or done in a rude and ungracious way. I tried to say sorry for what I did, but she just threw my apology in my face. The president has been accused of throwing her allies' support back in their face following her latest UN address.
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throw something in(to) someone's face

1. Lit. to hurl or splash something into someone's face. Jerry got mad at Bob and threw his drink into Bob's face. He threw the pie in Ken's face.
2. Fig. to confront someone with a problem or criticism. Jerry caused this mess. I'll just throw the whole problem into his face and tell him to fix it. It's her fault. Just throw this problem in her face and make her deal with it.
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