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throw in

1. Literally, to hurl someone or something forcefully into something or some place. The kids were being so rowdy that I took them up to their rooms, opened the door, and threw them in for a time-out. Who knows what I ended up packing—I just opened my suitcase last night and threw in whatever I could grab.
2. To add, insert, or introduce something during the course of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "throw" and "in." There were a few good ideas thrown in at the end, but otherwise the movie was a total waste of time. The teacher always tries to throw pop-culture references in to try and make his lectures more interesting, but it's just tacky.
3. To add or offer something extra as a free bonus or incentive. A noun or pronoun can be used between "throw" and "in." We're throwing in free concert tickets to our first 100 customers. I told them I wasn't going to renew my contract, so they said they'd throw a free phone upgrade in if I stayed with them.
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into the bargain.
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