throw across

throw something across someone or something

to toss or spread something, such as a blanket, over someone or something. Tom threw a blanket across Martha. Tom threw a blanket across his knees.
See also: across, throw

throw something across something

to toss something over something, from one side of it to the other. Can you throw this stone across the river? Walter threw the ball across the court to Michael.
See also: across, throw
References in classic literature ?
what if, by risking to his boyish bewilderment a revelation of my motive, I should throw across the rest of the mystery the long halter of my boldness?
with pressure die cast aluminium housing & toughened glass with IP-66 degree of protection, Individual LED%s must have lenses for better throw across & along the road, with luminaire efficiency of greater than 100 Lumen/Watt, Colour rendering (CRI) of 75 and co-related colour temperature (CCT) of 5000K-6500K.
In continued support of young writers, 2015 marked the first year of a new collaboration with Plymouth University, a stone's throw across the River Tamar from St Germans.
Llanfaelthlu is only stones throw across the Irish Sea and the cluster of these domestic houses may show a continuation of an Irish tradition.
But LAY a textured throw across your bed for a little pop of colour that complements that bright mantelpiece.
Today Durham Crown Court hears criminal cases at Old Elvet, just a stone's throw across the River Wear from the castle, and cathedral.
Flacco's desperation 70-yard touchdown pass to Jacoby Jones with 31 seconds left in regulation saved the game for Baltimore in regulation and Manning's throw across his body in overtime all but lost it for Denver.
With her ex-boyfriend on the floor holding an engagement ring and her lover having finally returned and only a stone's throw across the Square, Bradley's proposal is left in the air.
until I found out what could be done with one fungo hitter, a bucket of balls, and an idea--that an infielder could do something with every ground ball that he fields, either throw across to first base or work on a double-play feed.
It was as if people saw me as a toy that they could beat up and throw across the room.
Even from the pounds 35-a-ticket lower tier the artistes could only be dimly seen, a cricket ball throw across the on-view orchestra.
The Shakers had not beaten their north-west rivals at Gigg Lane since 1985, but got off to a dream start when Bishop headed Dave Challinor's long throw across the goal and Hurst was on hand to head home with just 90 seconds on the clock.
QB's often have difficulty throwing to their back side because they have placed their back foot perpendicular to the middle of the field rather than to their back-side target - forcing them to throw across their body.