throw a tantrum

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throw a (temper) tantrum

To have an outburst of childish or unreasonable anger, frustration, or ill temper. I was so embarrassed when Danny started throwing a tantrum in the grocery store. You're adults, not children, and throwing a temper tantrum every time something doesn't go your way is not the way to address things.
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throw a tantrum

to have a temper tantrum; to put on an active display of childish temper. I never dreamed that Bob would throw a tantrum right there in the department store. You must be so embarrassed!
See also: tantrum, throw

throw a ˈtantrum

(British English also throw a ˈwobbly) (informal) suddenly become very angry and behave in an unreasonable way: When you were a child, you were always throwing tantrums.My mum would throw a wobbly if she knew what we’d been doing.
See also: tantrum, throw
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According to child psychologists, most children don't throw a tantrum to be naughty; they do it to express their anger or frustration when they don't achieve something that they want.
Understand the child's needs: Always remember that your child will not throw a tantrum unnecessarily.
London, Sept 9 (ANI): A survey has revealed that kids with names like Rose or Corey are the most likely to throw a tantrum.
Trust former supermodel Naomi Campbell to throw a tantrum.
Between these covers, you'll learn how to throw a tantrum, play one side against the other, let the other guy think he has won, procrastinate, win through sympathy, be disarmingly honest, call in backup (ie.
The way to break this circle of behaviour is to show him he doesn't have to throw a tantrum to get what he wants.