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throw (one)

To cause one to be greatly confused, perplexed, or disconcerted; to befuddle or bemuse one. It really threw us when Olivia announced she was leaving the company. His caustic response threw me, as it seemed to come out of nowhere.
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throw someone

Fig. to confuse someone. You threw me for a minute when you asked for my identification. I thought you recognized me. The question the teacher asked was so hard that it threw me, and I became very nervous.


1. n. a try; a time. Have another throw at it, why don’t you?
2. tv. to confuse someone. The question really threw me.


/toss (one's) hat into the ring
To enter a political race as a candidate for office.
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Throw From John Lewis comes this chunky knit rid weaved throw.
Her favorite procedure was throwing at the goal from plunge with which she scored a number of 26 goals from 42 throws, by throwing at the goal from jumping she scored 6 goals from 12 throws, by throwing at the goal from running she scored 2 goals from 2 throws, by throwing at the goal from support she scored 1 goal from 2 throws and by the 7m throw, 2 goals from 3 throws (presented in figure 5).
2010a) who analyzed the jump throw in team-handball.
throw out 1 : to get rid of <Did you throw out the newspaper?
Throwing doesn't have to be about how far you can throw, but should be based around other aspects, such as accuracy and purpose of throw.
As your partner drops the ball toward your chest, catch the ball (eccentric contraction) and immediately throw it back (concentric contraction).
This is not a drill you would use for a pitcher who is just beginning to learn how to throw a curve.
From the Goodwin Industries division there was an extensive introduction of tapestry chenille throws from Raymond Waites, which combined the tactile qualities of a chenille with the detailing capabilities of a tapestry weave.
You must have a clear throwing lane to the base if you expect to throw anyone out.
A mis-played ball or errant throw eliminates the player from the game.