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throw (one)

To cause one to be greatly confused, perplexed, or disconcerted; to befuddle or bemuse one. It really threw us when Olivia announced she was leaving the company. His caustic response threw me, as it seemed to come out of nowhere.
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throw someone

Fig. to confuse someone. You threw me for a minute when you asked for my identification. I thought you recognized me. The question the teacher asked was so hard that it threw me, and I became very nervous.
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1. n. a try; a time. Have another throw at it, why don’t you?
2. tv. to confuse someone. The question really threw me.
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/toss (one's) hat into the ring
To enter a political race as a candidate for office.
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In June, Cheng claimed a bronze medal at the Diamond League competition in Oslo, Norway, with a throw of 84.30 meters and the following month, he was placed fourth at the Monaco Diamond League event with a throw of 82.29 meters.
Talking to reporter organizing Secretary Throw Ball Association Arshad Hussain said that a total of eight clubs affiliated with District Peshawar are taking part in the Championship.
* Balls in a China Shop, where participants throw baseballs at porcelain plates.
The dominant hand was defined as the throwing hand, while the dominant foot was defined as the pivot foot in the 8-meter throw with run-up.
Mann said that baseball players who adopt a left-handed stance, enjoy a range of potential benefits, but the players who bat left and throw right-handed have a very large and additional advantage when batting.
Throw Gorgeous, bright colours combine for this piece from Dunelm.
When the throw angle drops noticeably below this value, the throw speed increases and the angle of entry in the basket decreases, lessening the chances of marking.
"When shopping for a blanket or a throw, we found that customers are looking for a high-quality fabric that is soft and easy to take care of--machine washable preferred," she said.
Mesa would go on to throw 21 more pitches before he was relieved by Charles Nagy with two outs in the tenth inning, but none of those 21 were Golden Pitches.
Easily transform a basic cable knit throw into a luxurious decor piece by adding faux fur.
Kuwait, Muharram 25, 1437, November 7, 2015, SPA -- Qatar is set to organize the 14th Asian Throw ball championship in 2019, qualifying to 2020 Olympiads.
Skipper has a season-best throw of 229 feet, 9 inches from the Oregon Relays at Hayward Field last month.
Velvet throw, PS120, DEBENHAMS DEBENHAMS throw, PS25, throw, PS25, TESCO Chunky knit multi blues throw, PS25, TESCO throw, PS25, Faux-fur throw, PS60, BHS Faux-fur throw, PS60, BHS No winter is complete, or tolerable, without a lovely cosy hot water bottle...
Yellow boucle knit throw PS30 from Next, BALANCING texture and colour, this throw has a fashion-forward look thanks to the fab fabric.
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