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intersperse (something) throughout (something)

To incorporate or scatter something in or throughout something else. I want to intersperse some of these sparkly gray blocks throughout the kitchen backsplash.

resound throughout (something or some place)

1. To fill or be heard throughout something or some place due to (someone's or something's) great volume, pitch, or ability to project. The singer's voice resounded throughout the halls of the stadium, right out into the parking lot. The sound of gunfire has been resounding throughout the streets since rebellion began.
2. To be talked about constantly or by a majority of people throughout some place or thing. The war hero's achievements have resounded throughout the country since they were first reported. Cries for the prime minister's resignation have been resounding throughout the land for the last few months.
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reverberate throughout (something or some place)

Of a sound, to fill and resound throughout something or some place in a series of loud echoes. The singer's booming voice reverberated throughout the dance hall. The sound of gunshots has been reverberating throughout the war-torn city for weeks.
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intersperse something throughout something

to put things throughout something. He interspersed recommendations for a better life throughout the book. Good advice had been interspersed throughout the book.

reverberate throughout something

[for sound] to roll about and fill a space. The thunder reverberated throughout the valley. The noise of chairs scraping the floor reverberated throughout the room.
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Throughout our journey, we saw many reminders of the previous war and the current, tenuous peace.
The cult's investment paid off with expedited access to office buildings, dormitories, and other facilities throughout Russia.
There are references to the complementarity between anthropology and history throughout the book.
The Ford motor oil was kept the same throughout the test.
We distributed the video throughout the organization with the backing of senior management.
The Toronto Symphony Orchestra offers concerts throughout the year at Roy Thomson Hall, located in the entertainment district in downtown Toronto.
This summer, major blackouts and brown-outs plagued Queens and other boroughs throughout the City.
At each location and throughout its history, Tung Tai has shown a willingness to serve the markets as they have evolved in China.
So we should not be surprised that throughout history God will stir up the Spirit within His body the Church; not that the Holy Spirit has ever been absent from the Church, but there are times in history when the love of God has grown cold or when the institutional elements may seem to predominate and God in his love and mercy will blow the wind of the Spirit to fan into flame a burning zeal for the Gospel.
Approximately 200 employees have graduated from the program since its inception, and today those employees hold leadership positions throughout the Navy.
A prevalent setting throughout Luke is the journey.
Jssamyn Neuhaus's Manly Men and Mom's Home Cooking: Cookbooks and Gender in Modern America unpacks how cookbook authors and food writers envisioned gender roles in the kitchen throughout the twentieth century.
Ari, whose father was murdered by Christian Arabs, clings to the belief that it was Jesus who was responsible for the blood curse and all the bloodshed suffered by the Jews throughout the centuries.
Travelers can choose from many quality hotels throughout Latin America, but will likely return again and again to those they feel offer an exceptionally good stay.