through the eyes of (someone)

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through the eyes of (someone)

From someone else's perspective or point of view. Try to consider topic through the eyes of the person you're debating, so you can better understand their potential arguments. I try to look at things through the eyes of my students when coming up with my curriculum.
See also: eye, of, through

through the eyes of somebody


through somebody’s eyes

from the point of view of somebody: You must try to see it through the eyes of the parents, not just from the teacher’s point of view.Can’t you look at the situation through my eyes?
See also: eye, of, somebody, through
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Hungarian ensemble Mozgo Haz Tarsulas retells the Don Juan story through the eyes of his amorous conquests--all 1,003 of them, in 1003 Herzen oder Fragmentte aus einem Katalog von Don Juan.