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(at) full throttle

As fast as something or someone can go. Once Tom caught the ball, he took off at full throttle toward the end zone. I started feeling nauseous on the way home because Kelly was driving full throttle on a windy highway.
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at full speed

As fast as possible. I drove at full speed, and I still got there late. Do you think she has a chance to win the race, if she runs at full speed? They are planning this wedding at full speed. I hope they don't forget any major details.
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at full throttle

As fast as something or someone can go Once Tom caught the ball, he took off at full throttle toward the end zone. I started feeling nauseous on the way home because Kelly was driving at full throttle on a windy highway.
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throttle back

1. To slow one's vehicle down by or as by pulling back the throttle that controls the amount of fuel delivered to an engine. A noun or pronoun can be used between "throttle" and "back." Now, you'll want to throttle back as we approach the harbor. Investigators at the crash scene believe the driver failed to throttle the car back while taking the turn.
2. To slow down one's or something's activity or rate. A noun or pronoun can be used between "throttle" and "back." We're beginning to throttle production back in response to the stagnating economy. After a month of searching, police are throttling back their efforts to find the missing teenager.
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throttle down

1. To cause a vehicle to reduce in speed by decreasing the flow of fuel to the engine. A noun or pronoun can be used between "throttle" and "down" to specify what is being slowed down. The engineer throttled the train down to a stop so that the crew could begin unloading the cargo. You'll want to start throttling down the engine as you pull into the harbor.
2. Of a computer or component thereof, to begin operating with difficulty and at a lower speed or level of efficiency. After about 30 minutes, the computer gets really hot and then the CPU starts throttling down to about half speed. The network will automatically throttle down if too many people are using the Internet at once.
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at full speed

 and at full tilt; at full throttle
as fast as possible. The motor was running at full speed. John finished his running at full tilt. When the horse reached the back stretch he was at full throttle.
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throttle something down

to reduce the speed of an engine by adjusting the throttle. She throttled her engine down and came to a stop. She throttled down her engine.
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at full throttle


full throttle

If you do something at full throttle or full throttle, you do it with all your energy and effort. Many violinists continue playing at full throttle well into old age. She was a high-powered Western businesswoman who went at things full throttle. Note: When someone is behaving like this, you can say they are at full throttle or are in full throttle. This was the actress whom I had seen in full throttle in performance the previous year. Note: Full throttle is used in other structures with a similar meaning. Palmer gives it full throttle on his latest album. Note: If an engine is operating at full throttle, it is operating at its maximum speed.
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(at) full ˈthrottle

if you do something at full throttle, you do it with as much speed and energy as you can: He’s determined to live his whole life at full throttle.
The throttle is a device that controls the amount of fuel going into the engine of a vehicle.
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throttle back

or throttle down
1. To decrease the speed of an engine with a throttle: The captain throttled back when we entered the harbor.
2. To decrease the speed of some engine with a throttle: The captain throttled back the engine as we approached the dock. The pilot throttled the engine back to idle.
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At open throttle, the Transfermix section of the degassing extruder will provide for a certain minimal level of plastification or homogenous heating of the compound; during the initial stages of a project, tests are performed to determine the screw/barrel configuration to best suit a customer's general requirements.
Use throttle management and, if you don't get it, the throttle should be all the way to the floor when you start to move the carbine.
The main contribution of this paper is to (i) experimentally illustrate the importance of handling the ADC imprecisions in a model-based controller, and (ii) introducing a novel and generic robust DSMC design technique for improving the robustness characteristics of a conventional controller against sampling and quantization imprecisions, with application to the throttle body control.
Motorcycle engines are usually equipped with one throttle valve per cylinder to create small intake manifold volumes and therefore ensure good transient behavior.
Variable engine speeds (obtained through changes in equivalence ratios) at a fixed throttle position would influence heat transfer rate, in-cylinder turbulence, fuel-air mixing, and residence time of the fuel-air charge in the combustion chamber; these parameters would influence the combustion and emissions characteristics of the engine.
The vanes bear throttle holes 4 and the forward stroke valves 5.
Experimental designation of the throttle conductance ([mu]A) as a whole, without separating to the flow coefficient [mu] and instantaneous area of flow A is dictated by the fact, that in the available literature, the analytical designation of instantaneous area of flow is problematic.
With equal conditions--consistent temperature and dewpoint, winds blowing directly down the runway at less than seven knots--we performed timed rolls from 0 to 60 knots at wide-open throttle power settings (noting similar cylinder head temperatures for all runs).
Conventionally, air intake throttle valves and EGR valves were separately installed to vehicles.
When the political doubletalk gets to be too much, "throttle" the doll by squeezing its neck and pulling its head upwards.
You'd have to give it more throttle to compensate, only to slow down in lighter soil.
Speaking on the occasion, Ashesh Dhar, Head Utility Vehicles, Tata Motors said, "With off-roading gaining popularity and due to the lack of off-roading tracks, Full Throttle Trails will give enthusiasts an opportunity to not only experience the thrill, ruggedness and toughness of their Tata Motors SUVs, but to also familiarise themselves with some serious off-road driving techniques, in a planned and safe manner.
To prevent these problems, wipe off the throttle linkage with a brush or clean rag.
Things may have turned out differently if I had picked up the crew communication when he was task-saturated by calling out altitudes and throttles. I also could have physically backed him up with throttle manipulation.
You may have soot and carbon buildup on the valves, intake manifold and throttle body assembly, as well as clogged fuel injectors.