throng in

throng in(to something)

[for a crowd] to swarm into some place. The eager crowd thronged into the department store to partake in the advertised sale. The doors opened and they thronged in.
See also: throng
References in classic literature ?
Among the rest there was a group of those merry imps, who, after smashing the glass in a window, had seated themselves hardily on the entablature, and from that point despatched their gaze and their railleries both within and without, upon the throng in the hall, and the throng upon the Place.
As he moved with the throng in the parklike canyon of the thoroughfare the life of an awakening Martian city was in evidence about him.
The two then gave a closed-fist salute standing before a cheering throng in Managua.
Maintaining a progression of stately doom-laden chords on electronic keyboard, Yorke gazed down at the throng in the coveted VIP section at the foot of the stage, on this night a who's-who of Hollywood's young, hip and desirable.