throng around

throng around (someone or something)

To surround and press up against someone or something in large numbers. Dozens of screaming fans thronged around the popstar as he left the stadium. Hundreds of workers have started thronging around the gates of the factory, demanding to be let in.
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throng around someone or something

to crowd around someone or something. The children thronged around the lady with the bags of candy. Everyone thronged around the piano for the group sing.
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References in classic literature ?
I saw them throng around him, and he is either taken or slain."
Every moment he turned good-humouredly on the throng around him, and gave some dashing sort of reply to their incessant queries, which appeared to convulse them with uncontrollable mirth.
They haunt the empty chambers of our lives, they throng around us like dead leaves whirled in the autumn wind.
The crossing attracts over 200,000 tourists every year who often throng around it, particularly on weekends.
The reports have come after Sreelekha in her blog titled - 'Time to Stop this Yearly Crime in the Name of Faith!' had said "While women of certain age groups are banned near Sabarimala, men of every age group throng around Attukal Temple during 'Pongala.' So, hardly akin to Sabarimala!
What Catapang saw as a bigger problem were the large crowds of people expected to throng around the Pope during his visit.
She is blindly in love with screen superstar Akshay Kumar and she lets the old wolf pack throng around because they have promised to set her up with the screen god of her dreams.
What madness is this?, the odd passer-by must have thought as they made their way home from a crazy night at some house party to be met by the porridge-fuelled throng around Donegall Square.
NOW The disused pool on Tynemouth Long Sands is now an ugly eyesore and is filled with rocks THEN Crowds throng around the pool in this snap from its heyday in 1952
Expectations were duly realised with an impressive eight-length victory, and afterwards, in the throng around the unsaddling enclosure, I found myself standing next to a man who nearly knocked me over as he hoisted his young son on to his shoulder and uttered these unforgettable words: "Take a good look at that horse, son, and remember him, because you will never see one better in your life."
As word spread, spectators deserted big names on the course to join the throng around Watson.
Watch crowds throng around them in genuine admiration long after they ceased to play.
On Sunday thousands of people, at least fifty buses and hundreds of private cars created a dense throng around the historical monastery to attend the festivities being held that day and into the night.
The aunties chatted together, criticising or admiring the antics of the human throng around them.
The old Liverpool Airport terminal at Speke; and, below, crowds throng around the entrance of the newly-opened Queensway tunnel